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@tkimnguyen really? what kind of tasks need todo?

@macagua sorry for the long delay responding! Any initiative needs focused attention and imagination to last, to continue being relevant, and to produce something of value.

  • someone to keep PloneEdu content fresh
  • market PloneEdu
  • organize meetings to drive participation and activity
  • organize activity such as improving the way Plone works with educational institutions and users
  • organize a symposium?
  • get success stories of educational uses of Plone onto
  • improving or creating Plone add-ons used by educational users
  • etc.


some thoughts from University of Jyväskylä (Finland).

I'm hoping later this year we get to publish a success story about our university's shift from Plone 4.3 to Plone 5(.1), but so far it is work in progress :slight_smile: Couple of faculties migrated, new theme and mosaic templates created etc. Maybe in the next plone Conference we can share more of this.

One thing that's sure is that we host a Plone sprint this summer:

Also, we'll host so called "IT days 2017" (aimed for IT professionals and managers in higher education in Finland) in November, and hopefully get to tell there in one presentation, how a certain open source community develops software :slight_smile: end how open souce generally could help educational institutes.

I'm wondering what kind of posts would be suitable to post on Plone Edu Facebook page? Maybe an note about our upcoming sprint or some information about the website renewal/plone 5 shift?


I do believe we have identified our new PloneEdu chair :wink:

That's perfect! And now, @rioksane, have at it :smile:

Haha, thanks, I guess :smile:

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