Plone Conference 2020 information update *** STARTS TOMORROW, SAT., DEC. 5 ***

Hi everyone. Just wanted to post an update here on the upcoming online conference:

A couple of important things:

  1. Get your tickets:
    Starting from 25$ to regular 100$. Price for speakers is 75$.
  2. The schedule is available at - there will be something for everyone, and more!
  3. For the lightning talks this year, we are taking submissions and recordings ahead of time. We are asking that the videos be submitted by November 24. Time limit for the video is 5 minutes! If you are interested in presenting a lightning talk, please fill out the submission form (you only need to worry about the required fields). Videos can be sent to MaryBeth Okerson via email or Slack - or you can find her in the Plone Slack.
  4. Join Plone Slack channel for conference discussion.
  5. Follow #ploneconf2020 at Twitter
  6. The Conference this year will be hosted on LoudSwarm, which you can learn more about at
  7. Become a sponsor, check

If you are a speaker, you have received additional information via email.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the organizing team at



IIUC the Plone slack only accepts email addresses. How can I get one of those?

We used to go to that was accepting non emails but apparently the link is not active anymore.

I assume creating emails for all the conf attendees will be difficult :slight_smile:

Not sure who is managing the Slack account but I guess we could restore the non email support.


I was asking @jean if he still had a link/service he'd set up but perhaps that was the one.

The Plone Slack admins can invite attendees since we have email addresses for them.

We will have to revisit the 2015-onward agreement about where Slack fits into the Plone community communication channels.

@reinhardt, please try the following link

Thanks, that worked! :+1:t2:

Is there something wrong with the conference website? I tried to get a ticket (1 for $100), but the "Continue" button just turns to "spinning" and nothing happens. Same behavior in Firefox, Chromium, and Konqueror.

The problem was encountered at 1:30 PM (CST) on December 1, 2020.

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Hello @ronc,
Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be working now.

Are these talks going to be available to ticket holders as a VOD after the initial stream? There are a few times when I am interested in talks from multiple tracks.

Hello @Esoth,

Yes, the talks will be available as VOD.

As usual, I will be putting my notes of the talks online. The first few are already there:


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