Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2020-11-26

Minutes of previous meeting posted at:


  • Next news items
  • Plone Conference marketing
  • Other issues:

Attending: Rikupekka, Erico, Sally, Kim


  • Done:
  • Upcoming news items
    • Questions for steering circle
    • News item about how the event is organized
      • Rikupekka to draft, needs help. 1-2 weeks before.
        • For attendees- folder or similar
      • Conference site -> the actual instructions. -> short news item with a link, ok
    • Do we need a news item for the Zope 4.5.2 and 5.1 releases?
      • Theming sprint news item
        • Marketing team to review

Plone conference

  • Conference planning,

  • Need to answer this question Plone Conference 2020 information update *** STARTS TOMORROW, SAT., DEC. 5 *** - ok

  • Marketing tasks

    • Promote buying tickets - tweet
    • How to participate - tweet
      • Needs infopage
    • Promote lightning talks form - tweet
      • Just record a video of it - where to send it?
    • Trainings - tweet when we have info
      • OK
    • Push for sponsorship - tweet - OK
    • News item on the schedule + Keynote
  • Plone providers - invite your clients to ploneconf! -> reached out to people

  • Trainings -> ok

  • Next week: approach people

  • Should we organize a marketing focused open space? -> yes

  • Open space - lets have an additional meeting December 4th on that

  • Kim: making some updates to the providers listings and I have come to grips with how to show them on
    • Providers of Plone technologies
    • Sponsors
  • Sponsors content type
  • Of interest for the visual design of sponsors/providers pages where the logos are so diverse: see Participating Companies on this page:
  • Logos are different size -> just edit to similar proportions and white background -> Rikupekka

Other issues

  • World Plone Day 2021
    • Erico will give a lightning talk OK
  • Discussion on theming and roadmap
  • Open space - let's have an additional marketing meeting on December 4th 2020.

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