Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2021-6-10

June 10th

Minutes of the previous meeting May 27th 2021 posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Érico, William, Norbert, Sally


News and events and

  • A future meeting: a plan for key things to move onto
  • Ideas for new banner on
    • Plone io, use that image and link to What is Plone
      • White version could work - Done

Plone 6 discussion

  • Naming things Plone 6: Volto or Default and Classic, more discussion
  • Volto Multilingual
    • Needs effort for translating 30 languages this year, Mikel Laterrangi, chief of translation
  • Volto and folders discussion
    • Volto has folders now and everything is folderish
    • Folders can be “front pages”
    • Needs more discussion with different users
  • TODO: Help create frontpage content for Default and Classic Plone installations
    • We will put the draft pages in too as private.
  • New banner on about plone 6?
    • Plone 6 needs a logo.

Other issues

  • Test site is down -> Ask Fulvio
  • Erico working on videos. Collective.videos. Video embed with all the data and a player (YT and Vimeo)
    • Area on that has collection with videos on different themes

Next meeting June 24th 2021

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