Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2021-01-21

January 21st 2021

Minutes of previous meeting December 17th 2020 posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Norbert, William, Fulvio, Sally


  • Happy new year, everybody
  • News and events
  • Ploneconf
  • Other issues

Current issues

  • Discussion on theming: Good news, p.a.imagecropping can be added to And we have a nice customized view for news listings and news items.
  • Github has a different version than production.
  • What we need to do to get work tested on
    • install p.a.imagecropping on
    • define the image crops we want on the control panel
    • enable p.a.imagecropping on news items on
    • make the appropriate 2 crops on all (recent) news items
    • deploy customized news listing view
    • deploy customized news item view

News and events

  • Ploneconf: advertise the videos and presentation slides
  • Sprint report news item
    • Activate community posts
  • 2021 - list of upcoming events. Ping the organizers to add events to
    • Alpine
    • Plone Tagung
    • Bonn/Beethoven
    • WPD
    • PLOG
    • sprint(s) - we can decide.
    • Python web conf.
  • News item that recaps all the major stats for Plone Conference 2020 - there is one already
  • Next board meeting: could ask if they know of upcoming events. Yes.
  • Sponsorship reminder news item
  • Other news items

Conference afterworks

  • Marketing tasks after the conference
    • Sponsor tweets still needed
    • Tweets when videos are published
    • Community post about the next conference videos
    • Market next year’s conference already put it into the calendar
      • tweets every week all year, with images
  • Mailchimp account transfer -coordinate in Slack renewal

  • Work done on weeks 1-3, nice.

  • improvement ideas document

  • renewal in general

    • Short term: Minor tweaks to theme and content, as discussed earlier
    • Long term (2021): have the site renewed more thoroughly.
    • Organize sprints on the renewal, need volunteers
  • Open space document from the Conf

  • When and how to work on renewal?

    • Sprints
    • Marketing team meetings
  • sprint(s)

    • Ongoing
    • Mid february to continue short-term work on current
      • Discuss on Slack about a proper weekend/day(s).
    • Migrate to 5.2 and Python 3. Authentication
    • Then (flesh this out next meeting):
      • Need a design (spring) - idea: use (mostly) vanilla Volto?
      • Update to Volto (mosaic, form folders (9) are a problem, other archetypes) (summer)
      • Tied to the discussion below about tracking Plone versions - need to define how to get from where we are to 6, and make the migration a community project
  • Idea update with every new version of Plone

Other issues

  • Activity with Hootsuite again
  • Next meeting Feb 4th 2021
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