Plone and (If This Then That)

Continuing the discussion from GSoC 2018 Ideas: IFTTT plugin... but this deserves a thread of its own!

@Shriyanshagro did a great job and released collective.ifttt with mentoring by @sally and @datakurre and assisted by Nejc Zupan (and of course @cewing's magnificent organizing of all our GSoC involvement).

He attended the conference in Tokyo and gave a presentation on his work (slides are at and video is at

And, even more impressively, collective.ifttt was voted the #1 Plone add-on at the Tokyo conference!

There is excellent documentation for it at

PS: We have installed collective.ifttt onto, initially to tweet news items and events automatically from the @Plone account, but we foresee more uses for it.

(Sadly, Asko is not in this photo!)


It's great to see it working with!
And thanks to everyone for voting it #1 Plone add-on of 2018 :slight_smile:
This couldn't be any better :innocent:

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