Questions about collective.ifttt

Hi, I installed and added key.

and created a applet and a related rss. Works great - Google table updated.

Questions: 1) i don't get the 'IFTTT" listed in the black navigation bar (checked main page and sub-pages) 2) i understand how to do this with rss; however, what about items not covered by RSS. I want to create a content rule to notify me and update a Google sheet when users login. The content rule part of the rule I understand. Also, under actions I see the IFTT; However, need to connect to IFTTT rule. How would I create the IFTTT applet if I don't use RSS? (I assume user login can't be monitored by RSS - if I can, please set me straight.

thanks for any help

Well, if there is any existing behaviour in Plone to capture user logins, then it can be used to send captured login details to IFTTT.

But I'm not sure if there exists any such behaviour?

thansk @Shriyanshagro that makes sense. that's why the functions described work because they can be passed along as rss feeds.

Open question for the group: Is anyone else missing the "IFTTT in nav bar?

I think you have to do the extra configuration as described in

There is one issue if you do decide to add that IFTTT secret key. Content rules may not work correctly at the root of your site, because the root of a Plone site is a SiteRoot object, not a Folder. I think I ran into that on (haven't gotten back to it nor filed an issue) and @sally thought that might be my problem.

Hi. thanks @tkimnguyen

  1. i had the key set (see attached)
  2. i had tried on a folder,

No luck on anything.

As other people try this cool product, they may confirm my issue or see it is my issue.

Also, to make this even more useful, would be useful to know what behaviors are available to use.

Thanks for getting this working, hope to hear from others


You don't say which version of Plone you're using. I just tried with 5.0.8 and collective.ifttt git clone master branch and everything works: when I add the secret key I immediately see the IFTTT button/menu in the toolbar.

sorry, here are the details

Plone (5110)
CMF 2.2.12
Zope 2.13.26
Python 2.7.5 (default, Jul 13 2018, 13:06:57) [GCC 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-28)]
PIL 4.3.0 (Pillow