Plone 5.2rc4 soft-released

Plone 5.2rc4 has been soft-released. Please give it a try and let me know if there are any critical issues.

For those who haven't run across soft-releases before, this is the last step before the final release. Because things haven't been finalized yet, some packages may change between now and the release. It is not recommended to use soft-releases in production.


Tested with our latest beta that we are launching tomorrow and could not find any issues.

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We will need new versions for,, and Products.CMFPlone, because of template changes for new msgids to have them translated, and a new version for too, but I don't know if they should be in this RC4 or later on on the release process.


I took the freedom to make this issue as blocker:

Plone 5.2RC3 crashing in two customer projects with stack overflow issues...this is a serious error.

Thanks for the detailed bug report. I'm going to take the pending tag off of RC4 and we'll plan to cut a new one ASAP to cover the fix for the blocker and any updated translations.