Translations for Plone 5.2 final


I released 5.1.15 with what we have in master. That release will be included in Plone 5.2rc4.
I did a new resync of the translations, there are 14 new added messages in plone.po.
Please go update your translation if you want to have Plone 5.2 final 100% translated in your language! Thanks.

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The translation stats for 5.2 are there:
There is a Translations tab in jenkins if you didn't see. (Core is selected
by default)

If there is something in Plone that is not translated. Please look at
There is maybe an i18n:translate missing in a template you can fix.

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I have added some PRs adding some more msgids from templates:

Thanks @erral
I'll leave someone else review them and merge.
I created as well.

I'm in vacation tomorrow until 1st July with no pc. So I'll leave it to you to do the job.

if you want to resync the plone.po files once those PR are merged:
git clone -b 5.2 plone52
cd plone52
./ -c experimental/i18n.cfg
cd src/
git pull
cd -
bin/i18n plone
cd src/
git commit "resync plone.po files"
git push

@esteele If you need to do a new release before Plone 5.2 final if you release that next week when I'm in vacation, just run git pull and fullrelease (with zest.releaser and zest.pocompile in a virtualenv) in src/ package like all the other packages, nothing special.


OK thanks, I will have a look at it after Jenkins is green.

I have merged those new 16 msgids and resynced the PO files.

I have updated the catalan translations. Hope that there is still time for including...

I updated german.

Hi everyone, @mauritsvanrees asked me to release for Plone 5.2.2
I resynced the translations just now, there is 9 new messages mainly related to the new Custom CSS feature in
You should try to update your translation today if you want to have the update included in Plone 5.2.2. I'll probably release it tomorrow morning (Europe/Paris timezone).

If you're not subscribed to issues on please subscribe. I will communicate now on the issue created by @mauritsvanrees as part of the Plone release procedure.