Plone 5.2 Release Team Meeting, May 26, 2019

Timo, Philip, Paul, Kim

  • Still blocked: bug in allowed_attributes and allowed_interfaces, traversable. See the forum post
  • No tests for features that are broken (can’t steal locks (no more MI workaround), can’t enable iCal upload for folders); we should write tests for these!
  • We need help from developers who are proficient in Zope. Maybe 3 hrs of work?
  • Are there other places in Plone where this Zope core feature is used? Two other occurrences (e.g. next/previous folder navigation) maybe
    [ ] Philip to reach out for help
    [ ] Timo: will reach out to contacts for help
  • If no news, on Wed./Thurs. Philip will write a workaround in Plone instead

Hi Kim,

I reported here and here two issues about Plone 5.1.5.

Except if I'm wrong (or if I'm right but they are already fixed), these issues should be fixed for Plone 5.2, IMHO.

Thanks Denis!

The best thing to do is not only to mention it in the forum, but to create an issue in the Products.CMFPlone repo or check if someone else has already reported it (and if so maybe you'll be able to track down whether it has been fixed).

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You're welcome, Kim! :slight_smile:
I'll open an issue since there isn't any open one about this problem.