Plone 5.2 Release Team Meeting, April 7, 2019

April 7, 2019

Philip, Paul, Eric, Kim

  • Philip: Two blockers fixed (Peter Mathis thank you for the caching fix; Philip merged a fix), three blockers remaining
  • Paul: unified installer 5.2 on Windows fails on Python 3 (works on Python 2)

[ ] Kim to try 5.2 unified installer on Mac, Py2 and Py3
[ ] Kim to ask community for help; coredev skills required
[ ] Paul to try 5.2 Py3 coredev buildout on Windows, get help from Steve/Thomas Schorr.

Other Discussion

  • Season of Docs. Profession technical writers will get paid to help us with our docs. Project ideas needed.
  • Puppeteer to get screen shots into docs.
  • Ask Franco / Alan the source of the Plone book
  • Badly needed: Admin team skeleton crew sprint, location & dates to be determined
  • Next meeting will be 2 hours earlier (1 pm CET) as most will be in Sorrento