Call for help testing Plone 5.2

continuing from Plone 5.2 Release Team Meeting, April 7, 2019 we know there are two remaining "blockers" preventing us from releasing Plone 5.2.

We need help from you to test Plone 5.2 even more!

Please help us prove to the disbelievers that we do NOT need to make a final, official release just so we can get people to test it...

We primarily need help from those who have "coredev" skills, ie. developers who are comfortable testing the Plone coredev buildout

Slightly more normal human beings can help us by testing Plone 5.2rc2 - please see Plone 5.2rc2 soft-released

The only unified installer we have for 5.2 is for 5.2rc1, which is already superseded.

Hi @tkimnguyen et community, we're just before launching a new project which we are developing since 2 months started with Plone 5.2b1 on Python 3. Now it's migrated to 5.2rc2. It uses collective.geolocationbehavior, collective.collectionfilter[geolocation], collective.address and collection.easyform. And we prototyped some TTW generated content-types together with our customer ... everything worked like a charm.

So from my point of view, Plone 5.2rc2 is stable enough for production!

The only thing what I'm not shure about is the deployment but I think that's out of this testing call scope. Just noticed that since a few days there's version 4.0.0 available which supports python 3. So I thought I'll give collective.recipe.supervisor some love to support python 3 too ... or are there any better plans of deploying a zeo setup with varnish/haproxy ?

I started using systemd start/stop scripts and removed supervisor. Works good but you will need a root user.

There is support for userspace services in systemd since years. You need to enable session lingering for the user in question.

The Arch linux wiki is a useful starting point for building a vocabulary to google around with for that:


I have used today supervisor 4.0.0 and collective.recipe.supervisor 0.20 in a python3 buildout with Plone 5.2rc2 to prepare a site for a customer and they work perfectly without needing any change.

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@erral good to hear! I'll give it a try too within the next weeks.

Most blockers for 5.2 from have all been fixed so far. Thanks to all who helped!

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Thanks for analyzing and fixing (or finding workarounds) for the lookupAll issue and the PT issue.

Am I getting the same as codeDev if I use the 5.2rc1-uni-installer? Sorry I did not see/read Kim's last line. I updated my versions.cfg and pulled in 5rc2 my bad duhh.

If things go well, I'll try testing cipher.encryptingstorage at some point as I'm using that with a project that requires secure data.

fwiw, encryptingstorage seems to work fine so far. :slightly_smiling_face: