Plone 5.1RC2 not ready for release

Hi there,

here comes my regular rant short before a major release.

The current 5.1RC2 has a bunch of UI isses. I filed at least 10 issues today

Many parts of the folder_contents expose internal IDs as strings instead of a valid text. Various smaller CSS issues with z-index, button sizes, line breaks.

However the major problem are the translations. Some parts of DE control panel are completely untranslated while other parts we have a wild mixture of DE and EN.


About translations: i've found some lacks also in Italian ones (i need to fix them).
Some months ago i've found also some strings completely untraslated and i wanted to improve them in p.a.locales, but i haven't found the right way to update them.

I remember that there were a script in buildout.coredev, but it was broken, so i re-ask my question: what's the correct way to add new translations in the core?

Perhaps @vincentfretin or @agitator have suggestions?

Wasn‘t there a report about the state of translations across all languages?

You mean this? from Plone Team Leader Meeting, 2018-02-16

RC2 is no longer the latest... 5.1-pending should be (Plone 5.1 soft-released)

The plone domain was resynced recently. If your language is 100% translated and you still see English messages, it means there are i18n issues in the code that need to be fixed.

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