On planet.plone.org

We are preparing a new version of http://planet.plone.org which will fit better into our new infrastructure setup, this is still work in progress and will take some more weeks.

This is now also a perfect moment to update the feeds we aggregate.

Do you blog about Plone ? Do you want your feed on the new updated planet ? If so send me a mail [ sven at so36.net] or ping me on one of this social thingies [irc].

We will also use that moment to remove some feeds which are really old and not used in years. Of course we will first try to get in contact with the feed holders and ask them before we remove their feed.

Do you like css ? We are also looking for a volunteer who can help us with a new responsive theme for http://planet.plone.org !


[in name of the AI-Team]

What's the timeline for this project? When do you intend to launch the new planet.plone.org?

It depends, for sure it will take some more weeks, we hope to do that before end of the year.

We have to do more testing with the new build and hosting setup, check the blog feeds and we want to have a new theme based on the new upcoming plone.org.

If all that is done and we are happy [hopefully] we will deploy the new planet.


Remind me to send you the list of Plone bloggers I have before you go
manually reach out to everyone who submits to Planet Plone. I think it will
greatly reduce the workload.


First screenshots of the new theme, nothing is done yet, this is a first draft, how it could look like, it depends heavily on how the new plone.org will be.



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As you can see on the image above, the new planet setup supports images of your user/company [see the 4digits image above ]

If you already on planet.plone.org or want to be and you want an image there, please send me an image [100x100 px - png] and I will happily and gladly add it to the new setup !

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Status update:

I updated the theme, to give it more the look and feel of the upcoming plone.org:

The css and the html template are still in need of improvements. I just forked the openstack theme and changed it a bit, the css is still full of openstack references as is the html .tmp boilerplate ....

If someone is bored and want to jump on that, that would be awesome, you can find all the files on github in its own branch:

There is also a vagrant setup included which mounts the vagrant dirs to your local system so that you are able to use your own dev tools, as there is a Makefile for easy updating:

make clean && make planet

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Very much looking forward to this. I don't think the current planet.plone.org has been correctly aggregating for a while :frowning:

Yeah the current one more or less broken :frowning: I want to deploy the new one as soon as possible ...

BTW, I started to check the feeds and how up to date they are and this is the result:


I did not checked all links, due time/work issues, but well I guess it is time for cleaning and decisions :smile: