Team Meeting Notes 11/23/15

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  • Coen, Christina, Chrissy, Paul, Rob, Fulvio, Victor, Sally


  • I added the missing CT homepage fields and added the template. The complete homepage is editable. [coen]

  • Issue 108: What are the global nav items? Need a more pull down for less important items.

  • Christina to post discussion with C/M Team
  • Issue 102: Need Diazo rules for search form.

  • In the design I changed "service providers" to “contributors” and “countries developing ” to “Add-ons”. But do we have got those numbers?

  • Issue 109: How to add related websites? They also live at the top bar.

  • Issue 107: Events: I’d like to display the avatar of the event organiser. We need to link an event to a user/profile

  • Issue 103: The homepage browser view doesn’t return premium sponsors yet.


  • Theme needs a review. Who?
  • Chrissy & Rob to look it over; everyone else too
  • Chrissy and Rob to help divvy up work
  • Issue 106: Tiny needs some custom styles: Various buttons. I’m working on it. [coen]

Profile / Badges

  • Design and html/css of profile detail page is half way. [coen]

  • Didn’t start design of badge listing.

  • The collective.badge package is still under development but davisagli has pushed the current state of it here:


  • #107 Home login needs to be replaced by avatar when user authenticates. I suppose a dropdown with some items: profile, add event and logout?


  • News items sorted and archived

  • Working on Events

  • Really really really really really really really need the new theme implemented before can do much work on the rest of the pages (cmm)

Launch Date

  • So much left to do to make Dec 1
  • Blockers: theme implementation, content, authentication
  • New server is ready—will move as soon as we can b/c old server is painfully slow


  • yes, this is ok; Paul to contact him