Notes from Training Open Space at PLOG

Notes from the training open Space at Plone Open Garden at Sorrento

All (new) trainings should be added to training docs.

We discussed how to make the training examples such that it is easy to
substitute something client specific - like give a simple example of a
TTW content type and then suggest people brainstorm and create their
own content type. [This idea does not apply to Mastering Plone
developer training.]

Training team wants to do a 4 part beginner training series, 1/2 day each,
critical to add these to documented trainings. These are oriented toward

  • TTW Dexterity
  • Mosaic
  • TTW Diazo
  • Rapido

To be taken in any order, but all building on the same example/theme.

Offer 1/2 day Diazo advanced training (filesystem dev) as well.
People can skip this if they only want to learn TTW, or do only this if they already
know TTW.

Sven wants to do a docs training - one part more technical, one part
more for integrators - so 2 half days.

Break JS training into 2 one day trainings:

  • using JS in Plone, for integrators - we need this, who to give it? We need to find a couple willing people
  • writing good JS - may not need, but would be nice. Who to present? Franco and someone else, maybe someone from Wildcard?

Mastering Plone developer - we need a few new trainers. Philip and Fulvio would do something else if there are new trainers that would do that one. But they can do it if needed.

Deployment training:

  • yes we need it
  • oriented towards beginners
  • 1/2 day
  • cover opsworks and ansible
  • maybe ask AlecM and SteveM (Sally will do)

Guido asks what about doing a ZCA training? We like the idea of a session
that would present high level concepts, some examples (at least one of which
is a Pyramid example), and some deeper dives. Guido would rather make
this be a one day training so it can have a more leisurely pace. He is OK
with the idea to allow people to just take the first half, if they
just want some exposure to the concepts. He would like to have a Pyramid
person in the room with him for the Pyramid examples - Sally thought
Carlos would be willing and will ask him.

What about hosting for training instances - needed for everything
except Mastering Plone:

  • Amazon first choice if they will donate credits.
  • Cloud 9 is free and David Bain has made lots of getting starting material
    so that can be a backup plan
  • We will need to do some work on the infrastructure setup, maybe Jazkarta
    can help with that
  • We will need to do some work on setting up Plone instances with appropriate
    content for each training, look to training team to spearhead this

We discussed videotaping the trainings to have some additional video
training materials. People thought having video in the training itself
would not be good. But we loved the idea of having a sprint room focused
on creating screencasts and videotaping short talks/demos.

Regarding deployments, we hatched the idea of a Challenge Session during
the conference - a live demo competition to see how many deployments on
different cloud platforms people can do in x minutes!!!

We'll have a short training team hangout tonight at 9.30pm CEST at

I'm especially interested in this because I've used the training material myself to introduce new devs to Plone 5.

If you need some more background on how I'm using Cloud9 for development let me know.

I updated the list of plannd trainigns at to reflect the current state of the discussion. Please add additional suggestions at the bottom and add you name of contact me if you think about volunteering to give on of these trainings.

Here is the short version for your convenience:

Two Days:

  • Mastering Plone 5 Development
  • Hacking Plone (= 4 half-day trainigns)

One Day:

  • Zope Component Architecture
  • Patternslib/Mockup/Javascript for Plone-Integrators
  • Javascript-Development for Plone-people
  • Solr Search

Half Day:

  • Dexterity (part 1 of Hacking Plone)
  • Diazo (part 2 of Hacking Plone)
  • Mosaic (part 3 of Hacking Plone)
  • Rapido (part 4 of Hacking Plone)
  • Deploying Plone Websites
  • Patternslib/Mockup/Javascript for Plone-Integrators
  • Configuring Plone
  • Learn Plone!
  • Customizing search
  • Custom Workflows
  • Advanced Diazo Theming
  • Docs for Integrators
  • Docs for Devs
  • Making a Plone Blog
  • Making a Pyramid MicroBlog