Not getting Proposal review for "user management"

@robgietema I submitted my proposal for ' user management' on 21 march but till now not gotten any review.
And Today I found this post GSOC aspirant searching for proposal ghostwriter on Upwork 🤡 . I am contributing to Plone since January, i made some PR and report some issues. And i am focusing only on the 'user management' project. I requesting @mentors to give at least one review. Please this is very helpful for me. @stevepiercy

I am not a mentor for "User Management". I cannot speak for other mentors.

I am a mentor for "Use Nuclia search across all Plone properties". I am currently reading and reviewing all Nuclia proposals, evaluating them and making notes. I expect to get in touch with the contributors later this week to give them sufficient time to revise their proposals, if they want, before the Tuesday, April 4 deadline for final proposals.

I also want to report that the Google GSoC app is not very good this year. I marked all the non-Nuclia projects as "Ignore" because I am in not interested in those and the interface said "Your ignores are only visible to you." A bug caused all the non-Nuclia proposals to be ignored by all Mentors and possibly Contributors as well. Instead I now star the Nuclia proposals for review.

It is true that there are scammers out there who apply to GSoC for the money, recognition, or other unscrupulous reasons that are against the spirit of GSoC, but Plone has done a good job of identifying them and rejecting them.

Finally, it will not harm your chances to be selected by submitting up to the maximum of 3 proposals, although only 1 may be accepted. See Google Summer of Code Section 7.3.(b).