GSOC aspirant searching for proposal ghostwriter on Upwork 🤡

Just found this:



Why not use ChatGPT? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Obviously, we strongly disagree with this strategy.
If you are not confident in your English, don't worry, it's not a big deal, we are looking for good, motivated developers, not writers of literature.
(at the time I joined the Plone community, I think people barely understood my English)


now i feel like the competition to get selected here is getting more.
a month or more back when i was looking for gsoc orgs i came across plone and even corrected typos in the github, and since then i was developing my tech stack so that i could make it, but now every day i see so many aspirants here and now it has even come to upwork. Seeing all this I just doubt my skills a lot don't know why, maybe its because i see such great profiles of the other aspirants, nevertheless I recently started the training of plone 6 after completing react js in a web dev bootcamp.

i'll just try my best to make it though and will write my own proposal hoping to make it.


@zopyx Lets hope a fair selection process for the GSOC proposals. Never know how hard working collage students will catch up to this level of strategy. this one is for some other open source organization to solve some of their open issues.

This feels so Wrong, A developer paying some to fix a problem . when you are primary suppose to be a problem solver

What the...... :no_mouth: But ppl do think of amazing strategies to not to do hardwork by themselves.:eyes::joy: