As you may already know, we are working on a 'makeover' of to create a better user experience.

This will be a static site, with information about the different trainings, the trainer and how you can contribute, the training docs itself will be written in rst, build with sphinx and to be linked to.

Here is what we have for now:

As you can see some stuff is still missing, but we are working on it.

It would be really helpful if people who are gave/giving/will give a training or more :slight_smile: [like @PloneConf2016] could provide us already with a short and nice bio, like who are they, what they are doing and so on.


So looking at

I am wondering where we should fit 'Mastering Plone' in, looking through the mastering plone training docs, it touches various boxes. Should we add it as an extra box ?

How we want to deal with an 'external training' like the solr one ?

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Any development effort takes content management as a given and is going to involve theming and deployment, in addition to software, and ideally also documentation.

The key IMO is to think in terms of audiences, not topics. "Software customization" is an alias for "Developer audience". So then "Mastering Plone" would go into "Software customization"?

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+1 to think in terms of audiences.
At our university we have 5 types of audiences:

  • basic editors: they can edit pages but need help to structure their web site (+/- 300 people)
  • advanced editors: they can structure their website, add collections and create PloneFormGen forms (+/- 50 people)
  • ttw developers / integrators (scientists and "basic php developers"): they can customize Plone with a little CSS, add some jQuery functions and make little Python scripts TTW (+/- 20)
  • developers : they can build Plone Product (2)
  • system administrator: he installs Plone on the servers (1)
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Looks nice!

+1 on Audience
my experience with audience groups is pretty much the same as @sverbois described

A part of the 'all in one' overview sorted into categories.

The content is still dummy content, it would be nice to get descriptions for different asap :slight_smile:

One other point, who would be willing to write a short introduction about trainings and the whole motivation behind it, I would like to put that later on


Mastering plone is more core developer training I think. You should probably have a section for that.

About Page:

I can help with the descriptions, if I could get some time via Hangout with one or two people to talk to me about this site so I can ask questions.

Philip and I wrote the original Mastering Plone training. We added what we use all the time in projects, not what we use when we do Core development. I don't even see myself as a core developer.
So, as one of the authors, no this is not for core development.
It teaches what it says, "Mastering Plone"