New Contributor for GSOC 19

Hello everyone,I am Anwesh from Indian Institute of Technology,Mandi. I am looking forward to contribute to plone as part of GSOC-19. I know technologies like python,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,REACT JS,ELECTRON JS. Please guide me through it.Kindly tell me where to contribute as a newcomer and how to take on a GSOC project and which project would be best to contribute based on my knowledge.

Welcome, Anwesh! Of the technologies you list, only Electron isn't currently used with Plone, to my knowledge. However, that could be a very good project to propose! If you start a new forum thread you could describe what you'd like to do with Electron and Plone.

To find out more what you can do as a prospective GSoC student, see Information for Interested GSoC Students

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Good day everyone, I am Armand Collins, a student from the university of Buea, Cameroon. I recently learnt technologies like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, REACT JS and NODE JS. And i wish t contribute to plone as part of GSOC 2019. Please could u guide me through it and kindly hint tell me where to contribute as a newcomer here and to open source.

Hi @Fogha! Welcome to the Plone community. We're glad you are here. The post linked in @tkimnguyen's reply above is the best place to begin. As you have questions, come to this site for answers. You may find by searching that someone else has already gotten an answer. But if not, we are here to help!

Thanks again for looking into joining our community for your GSoC experience.



Hi everyone Mua Laurent, from University of Buea Cameroon. Open source enthusiast and python lover. I have always wondered how a CMS backend will look like especially in python and i found plone. I have had experience with Django, flask and worked with several python modules till i came across plone on the gsocs official page. I would love to contribute to this marvelous project and help it grow. I have skill set in mysql, mariadb, SQL, javascript, HTML, CSS. While python is my primary language, i also have some skill set in C and golang. I look forward in contributing to this project by solving issues, bugs and sharing ideas. Also i expressed my interest in GSOC 19 here GSoC 2018 Ideas: Improve Plone's import/export story - but i would love to get started. I have already cloned plone. What the way forward please :slight_smile:

@cewing, @encolpe i just downloaded plone and ran the ./ installation fails at the level below not sure if i should paste error of my log file here. If yes let me know or should i use pastebin and share it here. Thanks

Plone Unified Installer

Continue with the command line: standalone \
    --target="/Users/rachmann/Documents/open_source/plone/sites/" --password="*****..." 

1) Yes
2) No
#? 1

Testing /usr/local/bin/python2.7 for Zope/Plone requirements....
/usr/local/bin/python2.7 looks OK. We will use it

start a new thread with a subject specific to your installation issue and use pastebin or similar. Give as much details as possible.

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Hi @tkimnguyen and @cewing
I'm Aalekh Jain currently pursuing my and MS from IIIT-H, India.
I'm an Open Source enthusiast having experience in full stack development (primarily in) Python and Javascript and have used tools or frameworks like Django, Nodejs, Celery, Travis, MongoDB, Selenium to name a few, either in my personal projects or as part of our college's annual TechnoCultural festival.
I've participated in a discussion here for GSOC'19

I've uploaded my draft on google summer of code website. Kindly review the draft and suggest required changes.