Need help for plone set up

I am Awaneesh Soni.
I am currently going through the training phase.
I was setting up the backend but this is showing some error:

I am using windows 11 (64 bit )

Mentors, can you please help here...

Instructions for Linux do not work on Windows, obviously.
Feel free to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in order to have a virtual Ubuntu machine on Windows.

I installed WSL (ubuntu).
now after running make build, it is showing this error.

Install Plone inside your VM on the virtual filesystem of your VM, not on some mounted drive.
For getting started, use your $HOME directory under Linux.

Hi everyone ,
Can someone please tell me if i want to contribute to a frontend project then which image have I to use?

A silly question but will help me out . :sweat_smile:

Use the backend image, in docker. For the front-end go to the volto repository and start the dev server there for local development.

Now what should i do ?

I have python3 installed.

if you type python at the prompt, what happen?

command not found, but for python3 it shows the version
@zopyx what should I do ?


try using the following command with python3.

python3 -m venv venv

please don't us screenshots when sharing terminal output or error messages.

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Also... are you planning to primarily do React-based development? If so, you really only need to focus on getting comfortable with the Volto stuff. In that case, it is generally good enough to run the Plone backend with docker.

Yes, I am planning to do react-based development. Thank you for suggesting docker. Please tell me if anything else is important for volto stuff. It would be helpful for me.

Start here: Frontend — Plone Documentation v6.0
The quick start info focuses on using docker standalone, I recommend setting up something with docker-compose. Starting with this will get you comfortable for your first two weeks though.


I also have some problem setting up Plone 6 according to the documentation I am having an error that reads. But I am contributing to plone for frontend react based development also. I will take your advice but I'd love to have a fix to this if I can.

Frontend codebase:
 - Installing @plone/generator-volto@6.2.6
There was an error, see /Users/abuka/Documents/openSource/plone/my_project/plone_starter_error.log for details
ERROR: Stopping generation because post_gen_project hook script didn't exit successfully
Hook script failed (exit status: 1)