Master Plone 6 Training on Windows

Hello, I am Pavan, Computer Science Masters's student interested in working on the project "Add WebAuthn 2 support for Plone" for GSOC 2023.

To get started I wanted to complete master plone 6 training (I use windows) but I could not install plone due to Makefile commands like "venv/bin" instead of "venv/Scripts" I tried changing Makefile and also typing commands one after other in windows terminal by myself(I use git-bash). After going through the documentation I found other ways to complete installation for windows but before going ahead I wanted to check if is it possible complete master plone 6 training using the windows system or should I install Linux on windows with WSL and then use that for training and future works.

Thank you.

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From what I have seen is that many times using docker in windows causes problems as it is a very heavy application that uses a lot of memory and CPU power, so it is recommended to use Linux based system.

FWIW, using a VM (like virtual box or vmWare fusion/player etc) to setup a lightweight Linux dev instance is also a great way to get started.

The installation guide does recommend using WSL if you are on Windows. I'm working on getting a lightweight dev environment for Windows without WSL or Docker - it should be theoretically possible to do all of this but there's no instructions for it yet. Previously we used zc.buildout to get everything set up. Plone 6 has moved to a pure python venv for managing packages and this leaves a lot of work to be done by something like cookiecutter with Make to build all of the binaries and configs. It would be nice to have a Windows bash script alternative, and preferably making containerization optional.

I installed WSL at first, but it was quite confusing for me. So currently I am using Virtual box with Ubuntu and it is very easy to play around if you are familiar with linux commands.