GSoC'23 intro and set up issues with Plone 6 on windows

Hello mentors and fellow community members,
I am Mohan Singh, a Computer Science Engineering sophomore student at Chandigarh University, Punjab, India.
This is my first time applying for GSoC and I am already excited to enter the open source space.
I am interested in the project "Add WebAuthn 2 support for Plone" since the requirements for the project match my previous experience and it is a great a learning opportunity for me.

Following the Plone 6 training, I was setting up the Plone 6 in my Windows system, multiple errors occurred and the set up was unsuccessful. I read here Master Plone 6 Training on Windows that I need to use a linux based system for better adaptability and performance.
Is there any specific recommendation to use a particular linux system or any kind is okay to get up to speed? I am comfortable with Ubuntu and Kali.
Any leads are appreciated
Thank you

At first i also tried setting up the project on windows and got multiple errors, then i used Ubuntu os and everything worked smoothly

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I had the same experience with Windows and Liniux worked wonderfully. Also suggest not using windows

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I am working with Ubuntu 22.04 with Virtual Box and it is working perfectly fine. Windows is not suggested for Plone Development.

Hey Yahya, thanks for replying. I installed Ubuntu today and got it working too

Hi Kaustubh, I am using Ubuntu too and I got it to work just fine now.