"Known good set" for Plone and Volto?

At the conference I was asked to assume the point of view of someone who THINKS they can do something and then tries to actually do it, and probably makes a fool of himself but in the process of doing so provides entertainment and perhaps a bit of help testing things (software, docs). So here goes... in the spirit of asking "dumb" questions that maybe can help illuminate...

@mikemets and I have installed Plone 6 with the following versions, using the Plone Docker images from a few days ago.

We have seen bugs in the Mail control panel (clicking save not actually doing anything, with reloading the page showing the old unchanged values, and clicking save not doing anything but displaying a weird double image of the save (arrow) icon) and in the add user form when we check the box to have the site send an email with a link to set the password (a JS crash stack).

Is there a stable, "known good set" of Plone and Volto that you recommend?

Version Overview

* app 1.0.0
* Volto 17.5.0
* Plone 6.0.8
* plone.restapi 9.1.2
* CMF 3.2
* Zope 5.8.6
* Python 3.11.6 (main, Nov 1 2023, 14:02:22) [GCC 10.2.1 20210110]
* PIL 9.5.0 (Pillow)

### Add-ons

* @plone/volto-slate 17.5.0
* volto-app 0.1.0

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ok I'm going to tag a few folks who might have thoughts on this... @sneridagh @tiberiuichim @avoinea @pnicolli @ericof

For an immediate workaround, I would use Classic UI for the configuration of the mail server control panel, if possible, and Volto for everything else.

Long term, please report the bug in the Volto issue tracker so it can be addressed.

Personally, I always had the impression that the Mailhost configuration in the control panel, even Classic, was buggy. Maybe it's because my biggest experience with it comes from Plone 4. Who knows, but as far as setting it up, I'd put my trust in the ZMI Mailhost portal utility.

As far as "known good set", my saying is "Latest Volto is always the greatest Volto". The Volto 16 branch is stable and maintained, so pick the latest stable release from there.

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I agree with Tiberiu. I've also seen multiple issues with the mailhost in the past, although edge cases, it could be that you also found/hit such an edge case in the latest and greatest release Volto 17 and 16 'LTS' versions.

The logical chain "the mail control panel is not working" -> "I must be using an unstable Volto / Plone combination" -> " I need a KGS " might not be the right conclusion.

(and the problem might actually be in the backend....)

Thank you, but the mail control panel was just one example of a bug in something that should just work.