Kill off Hugo site for Training?

First, I am NOT talking about the current Trainings documentation and its repo:

I am talking about this Hugo site, which has no path prefix of 5, and its repo:

There are several issues with this site and project.

I think there were good intentions for this site, but it's now a maintenance burden and should be archived. If we need a landing page, then we can use as the URL for this content.

Archival of the Hugo site would also free up the root of the site to always be the most current Trainings available, without the path prefix of the Plone version 5 (which should be 6 by now, but that's another issue).


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I'm sure we've already discussed and decided this. Just use index and drop the 5.

To close the loop on this, here's a todo list, in order of operations. Please add or correct anything I might have overlooked. I've done what I have permission to do so far. Who can help with things I cannot do?

  • Create a new page
  • Review, revise, and publish This item needs someone with permission to do so. Feedback appreciated.
  • Merge PR Link to new Training page by stevepiercy ยท Pull Request #24 ยท plone/ploneorg.theme ยท GitHub and deploy.
  • Archive trainings from PloneConf 2021 from the main branch to a new branch 2021. This will also become an annual maintenance task starting one to two months before the next PloneConf. This will allow updates to continue to be made to main for 10 months after PloneConf and have them automatically deployed. main branch continues to be default branch for Training.
  • Server configuration: set redirect of path from 5 to 2021.
  • Server configuration: set default server path for trainings from 5 to root.
  • Update GitHub workflows for Trainings to push to the proper server location.
  • Revise links on to point to root path instead of 5.
  • Update readme of for archival and set as read-only.
  • :beers: :partying_face: