Jenkins pull request build problems [RESOLVED]

The CI team is aware of an issue with Jenkins builds not currently running and is working on a solution.

FYI: The Jenkins pull request jobs should work again. Give it a try and let me know if you face issues...

I just started some PRs jobs!
I had to submit the form a couple of time but that is an issue that I already noticed before.
Thanks @tisto and all!

That's probably because you are not logged in the first time :wink:

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I'm also confused by this on multiple Jenkins installations from time to time. Not at all helped by caching making it seem I am actually logged in on the top right login info box.

Hi, is this still resolved? Started a job before the weekend that threw errors I didn't have, when running the tests locally, that's why I wonder. Also someone deleted my branch in the meanwhile and is not responding to my question, why. Are there any conventions amongst Plone-developers to communicate a deletion to the contributor, maybe? Asking you also because a long time ago, I deleted a doc of your's. Unintentionally, of course :slight_smile:

Oh and one important question: If a build breaks, one should start another one with unchanged code-base, so everything gets green again, is that correct? Couldn't find a way to do that, because giving a PR-link is required (make a PR for an unchanged code-base?).

Tested and the 'build now' button works for me at least on the Python 2.7 tests of Plone 5.2.

The UI of Jenkins is a bit weird and contextual and clunky. Usually you can notice you've ended up in the right context by having some too-large-by-faulty-css link on the left action menu.

That's good to know, gracias!

that's incorrect: I answered to you at 11:24 AM GMT-3; that's 1 hour after your question and 5 minutes before this post.

the convention works the other way around: if you close a pull request leaving a branch behind with no notice that you're going to use it in other place, it's fair to delete it, otherwise we end up with a bunch of stale branches that nobody knows about.

your question makes me think that you don't know you can push further commits in order to fix a pull request: GitHub CI will allow you to manually run a new Jenkins job after that.

I'm flagging your post for being incredibly aggressive | unconstructive | intimidating | ridiculing | derogating, and finally trying to undermine my competence by letting us know about yet another unconfirmed assumption you have about my person – aka ad hominem attack – as a response for two simple, perfectly legit questions, deriving out of yet another false assumption you made, besides of making plainly false statements, like I wouldn't have written a comment.

To the other kind peeps who are able to communicate in a respectful manner:
I closed the PR to avoid the risk that an active PR could start another Jenkins-job.
That was maybe wrong, and a decision made out of guts, because the docs don't say anything, so it goes to the humans who have time to answer and are able to communicate in a reasonable, and rudimentary respectful way:

Was that correct?

Just want to be sure, mainly to avoid more aggressive attacks.

I noticed we have a new version of Jenkins running; it's awesome! congratulations to all involved.

that confirms my guess; you have nothing to worry about: Jenkins jobs don't start automatically.

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