Is there a description/tutorial how to use bootstrap 5 with Plone 5?

Is there a description/tutorial how to use bootstrap 5 with Plone 5?

I've found the package collective/plonetheme.bootstrap but it seems not maintained and it integrates Bootstrap only in Version 3.

Support for Bootstrap 5 will start with Plone 6 - you'll find several tutorials on Plone 6 Classic UI Theming — Plone Training 2022 documentation

@agitator: Thanks. But our customer is and wants to stay on Plone 5.
Any hints how to integrate Bootstrap 5 with Plone 5?

in the frontend you can do this with diazo, but the forms in the backend... no chance with a huge customizations. i think this is a expensive dead horse.

add bootstrap to the resources? you can also load it with a viewlet.

Just my 2 cents... but not in the world would I try to do a BS5 based theme for Plone 5 now.
Plone 6 is almost there and so much more fun to theme.


I have not tried, but can you just make a new theme and add the CSS and javascript? Does not seem complicated to me.

CSS and JS can probably even be loaded from cdn from your if you want that.

Then you probably have to disable/overwrite some js / css, at least for anon users this should be quite easy (?)

Yes. On Plone 6 is fun to theme. But in Plone 5 not really.

And our customer wants to stay on Plone 5 until Plone 6 has proved productive.

I think that is a wrong and uninformed decision. Unless you depend on complex addons that are not updated yet and have no budget to do so it will lead to way higher cost in the long run. By the time you have finished creating a bootstrap 5 theme in Plone 5 (think of the many templates you'll have to customize) Plone 6 will have proven productive twice over. We already use Plone 6 in production in most projects.


Plone 6 proved productive already.
Just here in my company we run three projects (with two larger/complex sites) on Plone 6 Classic UI live and its way better and faster than Plone 5 and it is very stable.

Main reason for current alpha state is Volto, where feature are still coming in. Only small things will improve in Core and Classic UI until beta.

Since it takes a while (months) until you created your theme in Plone 5/ Bootstrap 5, then meanwhile Plone 6 is late beta or even RC/final.

If sticking to Plone 5, better stay on the old Bootstrap 3.


@pbauer & @jensens: I appreciate very much your arguments. And I fully aggree with you.

I'm doing my best to help our customer to take the "right" decission. Your arguments are very valuable for this.

Thank you very much indeed!

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Just to give you more ammunition: the Diazo example I gave you on the other thread is part of a Plonified bootstrap 4 theme, which we use on our Plone 5.2 site. We chose to do this because at that time no other alternative was available in 2019 when we started conceptualizing the front end. It was a struggle to fit square pegs in round holes, and still feels unfinished. I would not do this again.

Three years later, the improvements in Plone 6 (classic) with respect to bootstrap and ES6 support make implementation of a large custom theme much easier and straightforward. A huge amount of work went into simplifying things: Plone 6 Classic - weekly sprint

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Thank you all for the arguments against theming Plone 5 with bootstrap 5

We've convinced our customer to postpone the theming until Plone 6 is released.

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Six months later ...
Thank you all very very much.
Your advice to go for Bootstrap 5 in Plone 6 was the right thing to do.