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I am Vaibhav Singhal, final year undergraduate student at Delhi Technological University, India. After a couple of months, I would be working as a Software Development Engineer.
I have experience of working with Python, Javascript, C++ and I am interested in contributing to Plone. Can somebody please guide me how should I get started.


Hi @vabs22
You can understand the basic workflow of plone from this link

And then choose any repo to understand the code base and start contributing
I would recommend to start with collective

best regards!

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Hi @vabs22! In addition to what @kakshay21 said, I would also check out the Developing for Plone section in the docs

Also keep in mind you'll need to sign and submit a contributors agreement before making any contributions to any repository

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thanks @kakshay21 @sgrepos!

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@sgrepos and @kakshay21 it's fun to see you two jumping on these questions :slight_smile:

The Plone contributor agreement is required for contribution to the Plone core ( organization) but not, say, to the collective where add-ons live)

A good way to get started is to look at


Hi, am Mua Laurent and a newbie in the community. I am student of the University of buea Cameroon and I study Computer engineering. Python has always been my favorite language .Its so peculiar to me because I learnt it on my own and am quite amazed with what I can do with it now. I currently have a game project of which I use the pygame and opengl module. Have played around with those modules quite often. Also I code in. C, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript , SQL ,php . I have worked with the flask framework and it very cool. I believe in solving problems as a community and building the world at large using technology. I will love to join this community primarily to be taught and also to help others in the OS world. Also I would love to compete in the GSOC with this organization.

Hi @muarachmann,
Welcome to the community, If you haven't already, I suggest that you get Plone installed and try to get familiar with how it works. If you're having issues getting it installed please reach out to the community for help.
One you've done that, look through the forum here for guidelines on getting started with GSOC.

Thanks @David Bain tried installing cause am using a linux system but had
some few errors will stick to your advice

Hello guys i keep on getting this error while installing Plone. i have downloaded libxml2 using this command sudo apt-get install libxml2 libxml2-dev but Plone doesn't install also i used this command ./ --static-lxml standalone but still failed any help would be appreciated thanks

Hey guys i successfully installed plone all i had to do was to run the following commands
**sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev python-dev **
pip install lxml
which worked fine for me

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:raised_hands: great!
The pip install lxml might not have been necessary but glad to hear you've got it working!
The installation documentation has a list of all the requirements:

so @pigeonflight where do i get started with plone

Here's a useful discussion that should help to answer your question.