Information for Interested GSoC Students

There's a quick guide on what on to include in the GSoC Plone Page. It can be found under the "Write Your Proposal" section. @nileshgulia1

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Thanks @ajayns I forgot to see it.

I am Maitreya Sonawane, sophomore studying Electrical Engineering as a major at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I have recently developed interest in Web Development and Design. Learning about this organisation, i found this system of Plone quiet interesting. Viewing Idealist one topic that caught my attention was of Editor Improvements - Creating anchors is really good idea to interconnect documents and make it easily accessible. Need to find new position for editing bar is indeed a nice idea.
Due to my Mid Semester Examinations and following illness costed me some time to start, but now I am ready to dedicate as much time as possible and continue exploring plone community and working on project. Hope it goes well.

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Hi! Welcome to the plone community. Let us know if you need any help!

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Welcome to the Plone community! We are glad you've chosen to take a look at our software for your GSoC experience. Please take the time to read and follow the five steps at the top of this post. As you develop questions about how Plone works, or what it does, or how to work with it, please let us know here in this forum.

A few words of advice. First, you'll get better results if you first search the forum to see if other people have already asked the same question. Many times someone else will have, and you'll save yourself and us some time by following the answers already given. Second, make sure you include as much information as possible in your questions, including what you were trying to do, what you expected to have happen, and what did happen instead. Screen shots are great, as are pasted log files, when appropriate.

Anyway, enough of that. Again, welcome to Plone and let us know how we can help you as you begin learning.

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Surely will follow the code! Thanks for these advice's.

My name is Bryce Gallion, and I'm a third year Computer Science and Biochemistry student at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I began my coding journey with intro courses in HTML/CSS/JS, and have recently taken courses in Python, Java, and web development. I am currently working on two personal projects using React.js and Node.js. I enjoy coding in Python as it is very readable and was very beginner friendly in my experience. I look forward to contributing to this open source project!

@brycegdev Welcome Bryce. As you should know about GSOC, it's up to you to decide how to contribute and what to propose as your project. Python experience is not necessarily required, because Plone has pretty comprehensive JSON REST API, which allows contributing to the future Plone user interface just with front-end knowledge (e.g. with React JS).

The official ideas pages included "Create-react-app -functionality" and "GatsbyJS -plugin", but as always, also your own idea is an option. There's only a week left in the application period, so you should hurry to read through the related discussions here (some linked below, but more by individual students available with search) and submit your first proposal draft.

We are still looking for students to work on the plone-react topic. We have a working version of plone-react now and a very skilled and motivated team of possible mentors.


I have submitted a draft of my proposal for the project Command-Line Plone Tools on the Google Summer of Code website. A review from the mentors would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

hi my name is mohamed i want anyone to help me to know how can i apply and what is the details to build my proposal

Hi @MhamedEl-shahawy,

Welcome to the Plone community, we are glad you've chosen to check us out. There are five steps outlined at the top of this post to help you get started, along with links to the resources you'll need (including our ideas list). As you develop questions, please bring them to this forum. You can search to see if anyone has asked your question before, or start a new topic if you don't find that they have.

Instructions for writing a proposal are to be found on our GSoC Organization page. You'll want to work with the community to shape your proposal, and time is short (only six days left) so you'd best get to it.

Again, welcome!

Hi ! I have just come across Plone and I like the idea: Editor Improvements

With about 4 days until deadline, I would like to jump right in.
It would be very helpful if mentors can provide further details of the project so I can begin the draft proposal.
I have already begun working on the instructions provided above in the first post.
More about me: LinkedIn

I have submitted my GSoC Project Proposal on Command-Line Plone Tools.Please review it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi cewing.

This is Frank. I'm pursuing my MSIS at Northeastern U, US. Hopes it's not too late. Just update and sent my proposal. Feel free to give ur comments.
Anyway, to be chose or not, the good thing is it's a step I join the community! Yay!


@kyfstll welcome to the Plone community.
Can you please give your proposal a meaning full name like "Create Storybook for Plone-react", that makes it easier to find for the mentors beetween the other proposals.

I guess @tisto will have a look at it then.

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Yes, you are right! Thank you so much for ur advice, I just updated it to "Creat Storybook for Plone-react". @tisto

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Submitted my GSoC proposal for 'Editor Improvements'.
Thanks for all the support provided by the Community. Hope it goes well.

I've submitted my proposal "Creating a new theme pack for Plone". Had to correct things at the last minute since Plone was auto-corrected as Phone :joy:


Submitted my proposal! Thanks a lot to the community, especially @tisto @datakurre @sneridagh for your help reviewing. Couldn't have gotten the proposal to this stage without you guys! Thanks again for the mentorship and help!