Information for Interested GSoC Students

@arhant The topmost post in this discussion has the basic guide and details to get started with Plone, how it works and so on. There are other discussions in the community itself for each of the project proposals for GSoC, you can go through them as well if you've decided what you're interested in!

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Hi. I am Dipak Agrawal, 2nd year student of BITS Pilani, India. My skill set includes HTML, CSS, JS, Python, C++. I have gone through the above links by @cewing and I am very much interested in contributing for Plone through GSOC or otherwise.
Hope to have a great interaction with the community.


Welcome @DipakDA @Arhant and @santosh2201 !

Thank you, @ajayns and @nileshgulia1 for welcoming new GSoC aspirants :smile:


@ajayns Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks @tkimnguyen

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Thanks to all of you for helping each-other out in my absence. I've been dealing with a personal issue for a bit. I am so gratified to see incoming students for GSoC already acting as members of the Plone community and helping each-other out. You all clearly have the spirit!

So anyway, a delayed welcome from me as well to you who are new to us, @Arhant, @DipakDA, and @santosh2201. We are so glad you've chosen to try us out for your GSoC experience.


Thanks. @cewing

@Arhant please start a new thread to ask for help with the installation (...ah, I found the way to split off your discussion :slight_smile: )

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Hello everyone, I am Manish, I am in 2nd year at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, computer science branch. I have worked with python, java, nodejs and mongodb. I am very much interested in Gsoc'18. I really am very much interested in working with plone and learning from excellent peer group here at plone. I have been reading chats here at forum. I have installed plone 5.0 on ubuntu 16.04 and familiarised myself with plone environment. I am now working on making a website using plone. I will keep updating my progress. Please welcome me in my first endeavour to open source community.

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Welcome, @Zematacqy !
Keep going on and in case you got stuck anywhere, please post it here.

I am Adithya Kumar, 3rd year student IIT Palakkad, India. I have worked with a lot of web development tools such as Reactjs, Webpack, elm (amazing thing :slight_smile:) etc. I am a decent coder and like coding in elixir, python, Haskell, JavaScript etc. It would be a great learning experience for me to contribute to Plone. Am currently following the steps mentioned :slight_smile:


Welcome @adithya Adi
Keep going on. :blush:

That's great, do let us know if you need help with anything.
And of course, welcome to the community!

Does anybody know how to check the changes I made in the code of the following repository.
I mean how do I run this repository's code?

Usually you wouldn't modify the code in that repository. Plone is comprised of many packages, so code changes would be made in those. You can find out more how to make core changes to Plone here:

Thank you Sir, I am on it.

Hi,I am Divy Khare.I know HTML ,CSS ,React JS and a little python.I want to get into the open source world through this amazing community.I have followed the steps and have built Plone on my local system.Looking forward for a good first beginner issue.

Greetings @divy123 and welcome to the Plone community.

You can find steps on how to learn about what Plone is, what it does, how to develop with Plone and where to find beginner issues to get started with in the list at the top of this post.

As you proceed, please do bring your questions to us here in the forum. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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