Improper HTML interpretation

Today, I have seen two unreadable error lines in tracebacks - one example is the ComponentLookupError in

The reason: error lines may contain "<" characters which this forum interpretes as part of HTML start tags.

Likely, we must do more to inform the users about this problem and allow them to get readable tracebacks with readable error information.

Yeah I went back and edited that one guy's posts. When I see that kind of "don't care" attitude it says to me "not likely to be a good GSoC candidate".

How to ask for help is posted as a banner so I think everyone has to unpin it or close it explicitly when they first arrive here...

Hi folks,

I think you're referring to my posts. It's not a "don't care" attitude but rather - "didn't know" situation. After realizing the stacktrace was including characters misinterpreted by this forum software I started replacing them with square brackets before pasting into my posts.

And, I was not aware of the "tip" banner which you referenced, until now. If it was presented to me it was not an obvious thing.


Hi @cfa - I stand corrected ... and feel somewhat embarrassed for allowing myself to get grumpy about formatting :slight_smile: I apologize! We've had a big influx of posts and are trying to help a lot of people so it's a wonderful thing to have so much attention but little things do help if you can.