Ideas for GSoC 2024

Look at the projects from the former years and you get an idea.

Successfully set up and running Plone 6 on my local machine. I am following plone training and willing to participate in GSOC 2024 under Plone.

My next goal is to follow and complete the Volto Hands-on training.

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Sure, we will.

Hii @ebrehault
Thank you for updating on the project ideas.
I am looking forward to contribute to and learn from the mentors of Plone Foundation.

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Yes sir

Please assist me too in setting up locally.

This is insightful. Are there any tips or guidelines to help craft a strong

Hello everyone :wave: ,I am Pankaj Kumar Gupta currently pursuing Btech in Computer science branch and I am excited to contribute as this org is recommended by my senior so excited to working with you all

Yes I had a look at them.
Thank you
And sorry for late reply as my college exams are going on so I wasn't able to reply at proper time.

Sir when the ideas list will be fine tuned in this section?

Hi Tanya!

Some ideas are properly defined but I am still waiting for more details for few of them.

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Okay sir

Hi, Sir! This is Vamshi and I am excited to discuss about SAML2 support for Volto/Plone. I have completed all the necessary training mentioned in the documentation and am confident in my ability to execute this task.

Through extensive research, I have gained the knowledge required to add-on SAML2 support for Plone/Volto. I am confident in my findings and would love to discuss them to the mentors.

Hey everyone!

I'm Manas, a third-year college student deeply passionate about the MERN stack. Eager to collaborate, learn, and contribute to impactful projects with like-minded developers. Ready to help and grow together!