Ideas for GSoC 2024

Hello Plone people!

Look at that, it is already time to think about topics for next year GSoC projects!

(ok, I know it may seem a bit early, but it's better than being rushed at the last minute).

So here we go, if you have this thing you always wanted to do but never had the time to tackle, just post it here :slight_smile:

Note: if you start a dedicated thread to discuss an idea because you think it deserve a long discussion, please tag it with gsoc2024


Added this PLIP that could be GSOC? not sure there is enough there for one project though, esp as there is existing code to base this on - PLIP: TUS reliable large uploads with simpler file upload UI in volto · Issue #5423 · plone/volto · GitHub

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There are different size of GSoC projects (as far as I remember, Small = 90 hours), so yes there is definitely enough there.

Thank you!

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@polyester suggested to work on making RSS a first-class citizen in Plone 6.

I think that's a great GSoC project idea, so I list it here.

Note: and I take the opportunity to remind you all to not hesitate to push your ideas too :slight_smile:

  1. Fix Volto date/time issue
  2. Volto/Plone SAML2 authentication support out of the box
  3. multi-columns row with drag-n-drop support between row and columns
  4. Themes
  5. AI/ChatGPT image description/alt text generator
  6. AI/ChatGPT content generation from title and summary

Thanks @rnunez!!!

@polyester suggested to work on making RSS a first-class citizen in Plone 6.

One way this could happen is by a GSOC project to refactor the listing block

  • allow the choice of "source" of links other than querybuilder. e.g. RSS feed, linkedin posts, related items field, user profiles, etc.
    • a plugin system so source providers can be registered as plugins

Related but not the same would be

  • repeater block functionality where instead of hard coded variations of what style the listing items look like, you can pick a block type from available block types that is then "repeated" for each item.

And another idea.

  • storyblock style iframe bridge built on top of the existing volto UI. Allowing for pick and click, DND blocks UI but with external decoupled front end (headless) with minimal integration to volto. ie you can bring your own framework and existing code and still edit using volto.

I am new in the Plone Community and wanted to learn more about it, and how can I get started in contributing in this community? Any help would be much appreciated :saluting_face:

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Hi @anaskhan28!
I recommend you check :slight_smile:

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check also First-time contributors – Contributing to Plone — Plone Documentation v6.0

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thanks alot will sure look into it

Hi people!!!!

The time to submit our project idea is approaching :slight_smile:
We already have few ideas, that's nice (thanks @rnunez @djay @polyester), but I am sure we can find few more!!!!
Don't be shy :laughing:

Hi everyone, i am Lakshay Dhiman, currently a student in 2nd year cse and have good grasp of MERN tech. How should i start contributing in plone. Also i aims to apply for gsoc 2024. If anyone could suggest me how should i attack my goals.

Hi! Welcome!

I recommend you check and First-time contributors – Contributing to Plone — Plone Documentation v6.0

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Is anyone already working on this type of UI bugs? or it is a good opportunity for me to contribute.

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Hi @ebrehault I have an idea for improving the codebase of repo plone/ (Link)[GitHub - plone/] Currently the repo is having React (Volto) based frontend in which there are .jsx (React Javascript) files
These files can be migrated to the .tsx (React Typescript ) files.

Typescript migration helps developers/contributors to

  • efficiently write their code.
  • To avoid and remove the bugs by adding type safety.
  • To make the codebase more sustainable

Recently many major open source organisation ( Zulip, Rocketchat ) has migrated their codebase to typescript. So it can be a great enhancement for the Plone Foundation also.

Would Like to get your input regarding this idea
Thank You : )

cc: @rnunez @djay

If you want to migrate the React (Volto)-based frontend, why not consider migrating to ReactPy: It is Python, so there's no difference with the backend. It already has built-in support for Flask, FastAPI, Sanic, and Tornado.


The codebase is aligned with the Plone core technical choices, and our core frontend implementation (Volto) is not using TypeScript, so it would not be very consistent to have in TypeScript.
So I do not think we will do that for now (maybe in the future though, personally I love TypeScript, and I think it could help a lot, but that's a decision that must be discussed with the community and considering the effort we have put in the current codebase, I do not see how we could reasonably migrate to TypeScript rapidly).

What is Volto?
Volto serves as the frontend layer for Plone, offering a modern and extensible architecture for building content-rich web applications. It combines React, server-side rendering, and an add-on system to provide a powerful and flexible solution for content management and application development.(Kindly correct me if I am wrong)

More enhancements can be done by:
Improved Block Library
Multilingual Support
Enhanced Media Management
Dynamic Theming and Styling
Custom Content Types
Workflow and Publishing Enhancements
Content Search and Filtering
Accessibility Improvements
Collaboration and Real-time Editing