Idea for GSOC 2024

Hey @sneridagh @ebrehault
I want to discuss an idea for GSOC 2024.
I applied refactoring class-based components to function-based components last year but I got rejected.
As we have moved from class-based to function-based components for better developer experience, what about migrating from core redux to redux toolkit which is a standard now for using redux?

@Azzam_Uddin Thanks for the proposal, but it's not in our roadmap to improve anything related to Redux architecture. We will move to Tanstack Query as soon as possible, no need to put effort in something we will replace in short/medium term.

See Modernize Data Fetching API - `@plone/client` · Issue #4347 · plone/volto · GitHub

Hey, I wanted to know if the mentors for RSS Support in Plone 6 have been decided. I want to discuss the proposal for that project with a mentor for GSOC 2024.

Hi all! I'm a GSOC 2024 hopeful and I'm interested in implementing TUS in Volto for large uploads. At the moment, I'm making my way through the online trainings and documentation on Plone and the GitHub repo for Volto.

Question for mentors: in the run up to the start of GSOC, would you prefer that contributors start to work on their chosen projects or would it be better to contribute to other open issues?

FYI the proper thread regarding GSoC ideas is here: Ideas for GSoC 2024

And to answer your question: we prefer contributors start on their chosen projects.