How to install Plone 6 Classic UI

I want to start a new project using Plone 6 Classic UI. But I didn't find to install only Classic UI.
Please let me know it.


You can use GitHub - collective/cookiecutter-plone-starter: Cookiecutter Plone Starter is a framework for jumpstarting Plone 6 projects quickly. - and then keep only the generated backend folder. Then, after make start in this folder, in the site-creation screen, choose to create a Classic UI site and that is it.

In which operating system do you want to install Plone 6 Classic UI?

Here you can read some ideas on how to install Plone 6:

Please keep in mind that those scripts are very opinionated.

Thank you for you information.

I read the cookiecutter-plone-starter document. And I tried Plone 6 installation with Volto front-end, it fine.
My question is why do we need to install NodeJS & Yarn and Docker only using Classic UI.

Thank you for your information. I will use Amazon Linux or RHEL, but your script is very helpful information. I will read and understand your script.

Actually Plone Classic UI won't need NodeJS, Yarn or Docker to run.

Only if you create and modify a theme based on e.g. bootstrap (like barceloneta) you will need NodeJS to compile it and watch the changes.

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install CC template and comment out the volto installation as shown here.

I tried the training docs below. This works well.