How remove "Welcome!/Learn about Plone" from front-page of fresh Plone 5 install?

Just installed a fresh Plone 5.0 and it looks beautiful! As I start to customize it for my classes this year, I'm unsure of how to remove the "Welcome!" text and the "Learn about Plone" button and the section containing this--obviously it isn't controlled by the "edit" button. I didn't see the answer to this on the install/customize pages in the doc section for plone 5--perhaps I missed it? Thanks!

The Plone 5 welcome page is a special part of the theme.

The easiest way to change is to:

  1. create a new page
  2. go to the home page
  3. click "Display" and then "Change content item as default view"
  4. select your new page.

Another way:

  1. go to site setup
  2. go to theming
  3. create a copy of the barceloneta theme
  4. go into the rules.xml file
  5. find and remove the line:
  6. save
  7. if you are not running in development mode, you'll have to click the "clear cache" button
  8. make sure your new copied theme is active

Thanks Nathan for giving 2 ways to solve this problem. By trying the latter I got into a new place in plone and learned something new. It worked!

I recommend putting this info in the documentation section for setting up a new plone 5 site. I'd be happy to write it up matching the style of that section if that would be useful.

It would be useful :slight_smile:
See for ways to contribute to the docs.

@jean, I gave it a go! Added a new page under Adapting & Extending Plone/Basic Changes (Look and Feel)/ I did this by copying one of the existing .rst files, editing it with TextEdit and hopefully I made a proper pull request :smile:

Thanks for the invite to contribute,
David G

The easiest way is renaming the shortname of the frontpage from 'frontpage' to something else. You can rename it with Edit > Settings.

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I guess that removing or editing this area (as in shown in is one of the first things that a new user tries to do when exploring Plone 5. However, the web interface and the initial instructions in the front-page does not show how to do this. Moreover, the available solutions are not intuitive and require more mature knowledge about how Plone works.

  1. The first way, creating a new item to be used instead of front-page is not intuitive. I guess that a new user commonly do not rename the document that was provided as default content for the root folder.
  2. The second way, editing Diazo rules is too much for a new user.

Renaming the page is hard?

Could be we just need to say something to that effect in the default front page body. Actions -> Rename.

Renaming is not hard, but it requires understanding that the name was used in some place (in this case in the Diazo rule) to show the @@hero view. In my opinion this is not intuitive. Also, if another person rename the new front page to front-page, then the @@hero view will suddenly show up.

By the way, applying Diazo rules on names of pages is not a modular design, because you always have to check if a Diazo rule reference a page name before renaming it.

Adding a comment in the introduction, as @tkimnguyen suggest, will help users to remove the @@hero in the front-page easily.

I feel that this area is nice, but is also a bit confusing. When I first saw it, I supposed that it was editable. Now, I suppose that it is not. I think that it is confusing because it looks like a built-in feature but is not. For example, how can I edit the content of this area in the front-page?


I agree its not only unintuitive but its teaching bad theming practice. Using diazo rules that are hooked into url names is really brittle and leads to the site breaking in unexpected ways for the editor.
I'd say any of the following are improvements we could do:

  1. Use a special portlet with a special name on the front page. It's presence signals a diazo rule to include hero element. At least the user can discover the porlet mechanism and allows them to move the hero element site wide or to another page.
  2. Same as 1 but the text in the static portlet is actually used in the hero element so the user can edit it easily.
  3. Same as 1,2 but we put something like portlet styles plugin in the core. Then there is no special portlet name but a selection of "special" portlet styles that can be picked when editing a portlet. The "hero" portlet style description would mention this will move the portlet up to the top and make it the hero.
  4. Same as 1,2,3 but a there is portlet manager at the top in the core so its more intuitive place to find the portlet.
  5. Just use a tinymce paragraph style called hero. If its found in the content of the page or in a portlet it moves that element to the stop of the page and styles it as the hero.

some background on this:

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If the end goal of this discussion is how to remove the Welcome block from the front page, I will make a PR for the default front-page content to include something to the effect of renaming the page.

If anyone wants to propose wholesale changes to Plone to solve this (small) problem, please do not use this easily answered question as justification! #totaloverkill

is the other way around: this question is an example of a problem we created by ignoring feedback when requested.

Well, this is community driven, where was the pull request?

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So the answer is to solve the symptom not the underlying problem? No wonder our UX sucks.
Note I did suggest two alternatives that didn't include changes to core plone (and others did).
Documenting renaming the page is just an embarrassment. So is getting rid of the hero element just because its too hard.
I propose using a hero style and placing the text in a right portlet.

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well, this is community driven: many people gave their opinion and was decided to do what was done; read the whole thread.

The major problem is, we dont have a generic hero element and but introduced one as a hack on the start page.

For whatever happened in the past, can we fix this?

What options do we have? (my vote on this)

  • viewlet (-/+0)
  • portlet (-1)
  • behavior with hero field (shown if not empty) (+0.5, clean generic solution, but maybe "featuritis")
  • use mosaic (overall +1, but we need a solution now so: -1)
  • ... other?

I think I'm missing something here: can someone explain me what's the concept behind a "hero" element?

Looks like that is some big fat message on the top off the document/page to shout out some message. Looks like some people like that much (I'am not amongst those).

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As I already said in

Unless some comes up with a better solution (and ideally a PR) we will stick with what we have now. Any solution must meet the following requirements:

  • no additional dependencies
  • translateable
  • configurable ttw
  • no xslt in rules.xml
  • no additional content or portlet(manager)