Homeschooling projects with Plone?

Hello Plone folks,

The CMS Garden is gathering infos about Homeschooling projects based on open source CMS in times of Covid19. If anybody has done projects to support Homeschooling with Plone or know any project, please let me know.

No experience with homeschooling here (no kids :slight_smile:) but I have some thoughts. Many parents suffer from the fact that each teacher provides its learning material through different channels and formats. Plone is great for organizing content, making it available on different levels to different groups of peoples with different permissions through a unified solution: the Plone UI. Plone clearly has an issue with managing of non-Plone content like files (DOCX, PDF etc). That's why people love cloud storage like Dropbox oder Google Drive which provide a transparent and seamless integration with their desktop and operating system (forget Plone connectivity via WebDAV here). Mix both - Plone and cloud storage can be easily complished using "rclone" and an add-like my xmldirector.connector:

So high-level idea: teacher can throw their content into their favorite cloud storage, Plone with the help of "rclone" could aggregate and federate the various data sources into Plone...

Just as an idea..

My homeschooling experience: most teacher doesn't know what they do with a pc. The limitation is not the tool, it's the person infront of it or the public infrastructure. Ask my kid.

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Meanwhile I lost my momentum for evangelism here. This is indeed PEBKAC - and its not the kids. I can not imagine Plone or any of the excellent existing FOSS or proprietary tools will solve this.

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Not related to homeschooling but we have a current project that integrates Jitsi Video Conferencing into Plone. We have an online conference type with a separate view that embeds the Jitsi iframe and authenticates the logged-in user as a moderator via JWT. Public users can join without Jitsi or Plone accounts.