Update on dealing with cloud storages in Plone using rclone

Just want to share some new wisdom on dealing with cloud storage in Plone. Some may know my addon xmldirector.connector for Plone 5.2 which allows you to mount (arbitrary cloud storages into Plone) with the help of the Python module pyfilesystem and underlying drivers that manage the specific communication with each storage API

By accident, I found the rclone utility (written in GO, works on Mac, Linux, Windows) which out-of-the-box supports 40 cloud storage (including frequently used storages like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive). The cool thing about rclone is its capability to mount all these storage directly into your filesystem using rclone mount .... This also you to manipulate files and directories on mounted storage directly the standard command and operations. rclone seems to be very robust compared to other solutions that are specific to one particular storage type only.

Combining xmldirector.connector and rclone allows you to aggregate multiple storages in a single place (if you need it).