Helping out on Plone 5 Theme

I want to help out on getting the Plone 5 default theme fixed up and finalized, but I need help with knowing where to start, as I don't want to duplicate someone else's efforts.

I have the 5.0 branch of the coredev buildout set up, and I see a lot of bits in the Barceloneta theme that need to be styled. Are there tickets for what needs to be fixed, and can I commit on the master?

And is there anything specific anyone wants me to work on?

@cdw9 Great!

A lot of the recent work is in the main template plip. It's also where the zidanca sprint work is right now.

We're working on finishing up that branch and merging soon.

If you're up for helping, please work on the main template plip:

or work on the plonetheme.barceloneta zidanca branch.

As for specific tasks, we need someone to go over all the mockup styles and make them not bootstrap specific--some less knowledge is required.

Otherwise, @ramon @thet and albert might have more thoughts on this.

If you need a bit of helping getting started, I'm sure we can arrange some google hangout walkthroughs.


as a reference to the "remove bootstrap specific classes":

Thanks, I'll take a look at that

Thanks, Nathan. I thought I had it all set up until I went to commit and realized I will still working off the master :frowning: I have it set up properly now, but probably won't get back to working on it until next Friday.

+1 for this hangout/walkthrough.... can this be scheduled?

Seriously... when is this hangout and walk through? Who would be the point person for this?


I think you responded to the wrong thread.

Are you talking about this: UI/UX Summit Hangout

I'll be the point on it. I'll try and have a more formal invite/announcement this week with details of what will be gone over.


Yeah... I started to wonder after re-reading the context :slight_smile: (hmm, I don't like that smiley).