Help needed to find docs on custom search terms for dynamically generated news items

Can someone point me to the docs where it talks about how to add a custom search term to the news item? I cannot seem to find it. I need it for plone 5. I need to create a new search term for the dynamically updated news items.
Also, if you know how to do this, please tell me the steps.

It's not clear what you're asking:

I don't know how else to describe it.
There is no error message!
When you click on a news item, you will see a place called "search items". It says: Search terms Define the search terms for the items you want to list by choosing what to match on. The list of results will be dynamically updated"
There are tags there and conditions.
I want to create new tags/search items (whatever they are called)
I do not know how.
Couldn't find much in docs, or was looking in the wrong place.
Need help finding the right docs.

Maybe I am confusing news item with collection... still any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

In IRC we clarified this a bit further. @pe82 wants to know how to add collection criteria.

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Found it for everyone that has same issue:

@tkimnguyen, I was able to add collection criteria. But there is a problem.
The goal is to add 2 dates to every news item, which I did by going to the dexterity content types and added 2 date fields to the model.
Now I want these two date fields to be collection criteria. How do I do that?
It seems I can do the collection criteria, and the content type separately, but how do I make sure they are connected/linked? I am very confused as why adding a dexterity content type does not automatically show up in the collection criteria. Am I missing a step?

you have to create a new index and register it to be used on the query; collective.nitf does that.

check the following files: