Help creating a new site

@cewing I have built the software on my local machine.I am on the site building step.But as I fill the requirements and click Create Plone site ,its continuously loading or buffering.
The console image is attached.Please help me with this.

Hi @divy123 - please start a new post for new topics, rather than responding to the general GSoC one.

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Alright.Will definitely take care next time,

There's information here on how to diagnose a problem running Plone:

@tkimnguyen Tried all this earlier but did not help.

in your first post you said that the console image was attached. What you understand by console is 'Javascript console'. What Plone techs understand by console is the Plone console, that is the server output. This is what you need to look at and if nothing is obvious to post here. You get a plone console by starting Plone in 'debug mode', so:

bin/instance fg

if you have used the unified installer.
fg means 'foreground'.


@divy123 exactly what @gp54321 said. When you start Plone running, you generally will use a command on the command line. You use something like bin/instance start under usual circumstances, and when you do, log output from Plone is sent into files in the var/log directory in your buildout.

When problems like this arise, the information that normally goes to the logs can be helpful in diagnosing the problem. For this reason we ask you to start Plone "in the foreground", with the bin/instance fg command instead. When you do this, the terminal that you use to enter the command will show many lines of output as the system starts up. When you take actions like pointing your browser window at the Plone instance and trying to create a new site, the system log messages for these actions will print to that terminal. That output is what we need to be able to see in order to help you diagnose the problem.

Keep at it, we are here to help.

Attached is the response of my terminal.

@divy123 Maybe you could have a look at the database transactions so that we could track if the site is really being created ? I think you can find that at


This likely is http://localhost:8080/manage_main (Zope usually does not support https directly).

Did you use the codedev.buildout ( or another buildout based setup or the the Installer from (

PS: I know GSoC are encouraged to use the Installer, I just want to be sure...

I don't know anything about training material for Plone but did you use an up-to-date tutorial ? I see a reference to 4, that's not current 5.08 version. OTOH your is more recent, last Plone 4 shipped with an older version. If you are cooking your own Plone (that is, not using an installer), you should probably know how to pin packages version in your buildout. Please provide your buildout (and forget also about screen captures - use cut and paste, put 3 backticks (```) on a single line before and after pasting code such as a buildout else Discurse will scramble the pasted data)

@divy123 The output you have pasted in that screenshot shows the normal startup sequence for a Plone instance. At this point I would expect that you can point your browser at localhost:8080 and see the form that allows you to create a new Plone site.

Your previous screenshots showed you filling out that form, and you've reported that when you did, and clicked through, that the Plone site was not created and the page never reloaded.

Your next debugging step should be to look at the output in the terminal when you try to create a site again. There should be a lot of log output in response to clicking on the button to create a new site. And where that output stops will be instructive to us.

If you can, you might consider copy-pasting the entire output of your terminal when you do this to a pastebin website somewhere and sending us that link. It will allow us to look at more than the last 40 lines or so of terminal output.

As an additional note: previous replies had interpreted your problem as a so called "startup problem" (i.e. Plone does not start). For a startup problem, you must look at the terminal output, as at this time, the logfile may not yet be set up.

We have recognized by now that your problem is not a "startup problem" (but one that occurs during the creation of a Plone site). At this time, the logfile is already set up and your find the relevant information there. The logfile has the name event.log and can be found in a subdirectory of var. Which subdirectory depends on your Plone setup: usually, it is either "instance" or "client1".