GSOC17: Creating new Plone site

I have gone through the steps as mentioned in this link->
after "vagrant up" how to proceed to config my password and localhost IP for creating Plone site.

Hi @aditodkar I don't know the vagrant setup, but the default user is admin and the default password might be admin too. Or look for a password file, where a generated passwort is in.
Usually you should have already a Plone site created. Just try to go to http://localhost:8080/ after starting the VM

I am getting error how to fix this?

Can you please help me @cewing in setting up plone site locally why I am getting such error & warnings.

Is the problem staying if you turn off the drives on IDE controller?

'Settings' at non-english

@smcmahon @svx can you help here, please?

@aditodkar: I'm not a virtualbox user, so I'm afraid I won't have much in the way of wisdom to help you here. It does look like a problem in the interaction of Windows and the Oracle VirtualBox manager. @smcmahon and @svx are our resident virtualization experts, perhaps they'll be able to help you. You might also try looking on the VritualBox website or forums for help in resolving windows virtualization issues.

Sorry I can't be more helpful :frowning:

What happens if you press the Check button in the dialog box?

Did the problem occur because you stopped working with Vagrant, maybe suspended the machine, and then tried to start it up again?

@tkimnguyen I am getting this message how should I proceed further.

Unless you deleted or moved the files that represent those virtualized disks, I don't know what the problem might be.

Could you answer my question? What happened (or did anything happen) between the time you first got vagrant working and when you got this error?

No nothing happened @tkimnguyen

@tkimnguyen I think I should download the lighter version of plone on windows that you mentioned in previous comment I am exhausted in setting up plone through vagrant :disappointed:

Yeah maybe :slight_smile:

Even so, you should look at the log file that it says to look at (in your screen shots). What is in it?

It seems the inscription in the dialog-window may that one of drives has a link to file being. This can be happen if that file is not available now. On your screenshot has 'ubuntu' VM. May be the problem not associated with vagrant VM ?

In picture of last post I set a status your needed at 'Settings - Storage'. with that Vagrant works fine.

Having reproduce bug by the wrong link at textbox.

Set are bootable drive is are 'hard drive' to VM nes.
Try to remove all no-hard drives from all VM and to cleared them textboxes of any file links inside.Describe the result.

I recommend using Cloud9 IDE.
Ignore what others may tell you, Plone on Windows, while possible is a bad idea and on Windows if you don't have 16 GB of RAM I wouldn't tinker with any VM based solution. I've tried with some success and I hope sometime in the future this won't be the case, but for now........

Here's a complete document on how to fix your first bugs in Plone. It also covers how to get started with Cloud9 IDE and Plone (also included are some notes on using Plone with Vagrant on Windows but I really don't recommend that).

I’m Indunil, and studying in faculty of information technology at university of Moratuwa, Sri lanka as a second year student.
I'm interesting with the project "Better Diff Viewer for Content" because web technology is my favourite subject also i have learnt HTML,JavaScript and other related languages to web development during the last semester in our university & also i have worked with python as well therefore i think i can do this better & I'd like to know can i use CSS /Jquery to do the project if you like....!


Welcome to the Plone community. We're happy you are here!

In answer to your question, yes the "Better Diff Viewer" project is about using HTML and CSS to make a better looking, more useful view for the differences between versions of content in Plone. There is another discussion happening with ideas about the Diff Viewer here in the forum. You should read that post to catch up on some questions and answers that are already here. And I would recommend you start your proposal in the summer of code website as soon as possible. The deadline is now 1 week away, so time is short!