GSoC app.theming addon

Hi. My name is Yuri Kropotov. I am a student and interested to project of GSoC. After first view with project were a few questions.
What way is best to contact with mentors group ?

I want to ask community and GSoC mentor Fulvio Casali about addon. I find a some code of app.theming at Plone5 folder at path: /buildout-cache/eggs/app.theming. All code is placed here? Is that a true and exist installed addon and i may to start a review it ?
I have some minds after read idea's description named "Improved Import of non-Plone Themes" and I want to ask how it current version works. Any other advice about the project idea would be helpful.

Previously I set up the Diazo to my environment. I has read a plone5 documentation. It is all my steps. So the app.theming was 'enabled' by default now and have exist in my Plone. It is a right thinking?

Step 1 - get familiar with how works
To start it is best to play with a theme, the "machinery" is what powers the Plone theming experience.

  1. Install an existing theme. There are some available at
  2. Try to customize the theme a bit

Step 2 - Learn how to use buildout and mr.developer to check out a source package
The package that you mention under buildout-cache should not be touched, instead you need to use mr.developer to check out a source package, in this case you want the source

Step 3 - Get familiar with diazo and the importing mechanism used by
The importing mechanism is what you'll be working on improving, most likely the code you want will either be directly in or in one of its dependencies.

  1. You can also see the latest code at github
  2. read up on Diazo

I hope this points you in the right direction. You'll also probably need to learn about LESS and a bit of lxml

You are encouraged to fix a bug

One thing that helps to set one applicant apart from another is whether they have been able to contribute meaningful bugfixes to Plone BEFORE the applying to GSOC.
Here's a bug which mentions that might be valuable to fix

Welcome to Plone, @VerSooSet! We're very happy you have chosen to look into working on a GSoC project with us. @fulv is available here in this forum. Hopefully mentioning his name will bring his attention to your questions.

I won't go too much further into next steps, @pigeonflight has already done an excellent job of that. Please do feel free to @-mention me or anyone else here to gain our attention. We're happy to answer your questions and provide any help we can in getting started.


Thanks @cewing and @pigeonflight, couldn't have said it better myself.
@VerSooSet, please look at @pigeonflight's suggestions, those are the best first steps for you right now.

introductory part about work on the steps:

I had met a problems with addon importing mechanism. Not sure that is a bug, here seen is like a needed to additional and refactoring some code.

I invite the community to discuss about.
#125 and #126.

I taked a sources and mr.developer updates all dependencyes. So [buildout] print every operation and no error at end. I think it's fine.

I have a warnings about default tests. First i'm not seen [./bin/alltests] ( in bin foulder. I trying to bin/tests. Having many red traceback, several tests success on green. Are that basic self-tests is well running?

Unfortunately, the question #1505 has not yet been resolved. I have read the documentation about layers, adapters and resourceregistry, I do not understand how it works and I made an assumption only.

I organized a blog to me. There are short reports. Now you always see my tasks to next time.
And that is what about i want to talk. It seems I'm to be late. It will take few days to get familiar with Diazo, then I may start the discuss for proposal more targeting. I'm worry about time.

Idea's part.
Short about manifest file generated.

I suggest collecting resources of Non-Plone themes data. And filling it into template of manifest. That file was described in app.theming ReadMe.

@VerSooSet: it is terrific that you've taken these steps to start documenting your work in learning what you need to work on this idea. Opening those issues in the issue tracker is a great approach. @fulv or @pigeonflight, could you take a look at the issues reported here and help resolve them?

Another useful step would be to begin drafting a proposal for your project in the open. I believe you can start writing a proposal and allow us to review it before the deadline on April 3. By doing so, you allow us to give you feedback and help you to shape the proposal before the deadline hits.

Great work so far, keep it up!


Could you go ahead and move this proposal into the GSoC website as a draft and make sure you've allowed the Plone mentors to comment on it? That will allow us to help you shape the proposal up in time for the deadline next Monday.

Ufff. :slight_smile: Good explanation. The draft was made available on the website of the program. Removed an open version so there was no editing here.


I've seen your proposal in the GSoC website now. Thanks for adding it there.

@fulv, would you take some time to review the proposal in the GSoC website and give @VerSooSet some feedback on ways it might be improved?


I will review today.

I think that I did not what author wanted. I'm interested to know what a community says about idea of automatic renaming as the idea of improving addon.Think i'm not first one who do same attempt for. How do you think the need for renaming theme on the server side exists?

issue #106 need for having a unique theme name

Maybe a pop up warning that a theme by that name already exists and do you want to give it a unique name (possibly by appending the date and time, e.g. "-201704021004"? yes/no/cancel

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