GSoC 2019 idea: Guillotina API Evolution @vangheem

Its a good idea and i would like to spend my summer working on this project @vangheem so can u tell me what should i need to do in order to get in gsoc with this project

@AkshJain99 anyone interested in participating in GSoC should read through the info and suggestions at

It boils down to:

  • get familiar with Plone (or in this case, Guillotina)
  • do something with Guillotina
  • fix a few bugs or find some new bugs and fix them
  • or write some documentation, do some testing,
  • engage with the community in the forum

For a particular project, you should research the idea and familiarize yourself with the tools.

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okay thanks @tkimnguyen

@tkimnguyen I am interested in this project. I have already read and familiarized with the Plone community info and Guillotina. How do I proceed ahead now?

@vangheem ihave some doubts regarding this project and also have ideas to implement this can we discuss ?

@tkimnguyen Hello myself virendra patankar and i want work on the project for gsoc 2019. i want to contribute in it .and i will try to solve some issue.i would like to know does i am getting late to contribution .because in these little bit of timing i need your support to go ahead.

@AkshJain99 please post your questions and ideas here... it's better than to ask one person to respond to everything that comes up.

@veer11997 please refer to GSoC 2019 Status Update

okay @tkimnguyen, I m already in conversation with @vangheem about the discussion of project :slight_smile:

FWIW, the appropriate place to start discussing details on this project is

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while making proposal for the project , should me we make it as per plone proposal guidelines or as per PSF guidelines?

@tkimnguyen , @vangheem or @cewing is there any particular format or template
in which we need to write gsoc proposal for plone?

@AkshJain99 Are you referring to the proposal you would write?

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yes @t

actually i was asking about if there is any particular template that plone have for gsoc proposals?

I don't think there is anything particularly special about Plone GSoC applications.

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