Framework team meeting minutes 2016-03-29


Johannes Raggam
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Eric Bréhault
Jens Klein
Timo Stollenwerk


PLIP process

We agreed during last meeting to use GitHub comments to review PLIPs.
Unfortunately Github Templates cannot be used for comments, so we will use a basic markdown template we will copy paste in a comment.

Voting process:

  • Minimal voters needed for a valid vote: 50% + 1 (Note: there are 7 active FWT members, hence a vote is valid if there are at least 4 voters),
  • Acceptance: 75% of positiive votes (and 0 are ignored). Examples:
    • 4 voters, 3 positive votes, 1 negative vote: PLIP accepted (3/4=75%)
    • 7 voters, 4 positive votes, 2 negative votes, 1 null vote: PLIP rejected (null vote is ignored, 4/6 < 75%)

We might re-evaluate this rule in few months.

We have a long list of PLIPs to evaluate today, so for now we will just choose a champion for each of them, and next time, champions will expose the PLIPs to the FWT and we will vote.

Registry Improvements by Nathan Van Gheem
(already implemented
Champion: Jens

Adding Gloss Theme to Plone Core by David Bain
Champion: Eric

Retina image scales by Diederik Veeze
Champion: Eric

React in core, deprecate backbone by Nathan Van Gheem
Champion: Ramon

New modal implementation by Nathan Van Gheem
Champion: Ramon

Merge Products.RedirectionTool into core by Nathan Van Gheem
Champion: Eric

New image widget by Nathan Van Gheem
Champion: Johannes

Merge collective.emailconfirmationregistration into core by Nathan Van Gheem
Champion: Jens

Make It easier for site administrators to customize the toolbar (WIP) by David Bain
Wait until PLIP is ready.

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-04-12).

Thanks a lot for reporting back!

Is this PLIP process going to be documented somewhere in and in general all the processes of the framework team?

I remember seeing something like that somewhere...

You are right, we should do that.
I add it to the next meeting agenda.