Framework team meeting minutes 2016-04-12


Johannes Raggam
Eric Bréhault
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Jens Klein

Philip Bauer (w/o vote) for the Board attended as listener.

###PLIP 1310 Direct link to group from sharing tab has been reviewed and merged.

###Adding Gloss Theme to Plone Core by David Bain
Champion: Eric
The idea:
Gloss.xml contains a set of Diazo rules which assign standard content markup (the title, the footer, the user menu, etc.) to theme markup having pre-defined CSS classes.
The user just needs to include gloss.xml in his/her main rules.xml, and put the appropriate CSS classes in his/her theme (format instance .gl-content-title to define where the title will be inserted).
Benefit: no need to write any Diazo rule.
Regarding core: just the gloss.xml file (=> probably in plonetheme.barceloneta?)
Additional features (components, Bootstrap 3 utilities…) will be provided in an add-on

=> not enough votes for now

###Retina image scales by Diederik Veeze
Champion: Eric
Images contained in a Plone portal must be rendered properly on Retina devices.
Use the HTML5 srcset attribute to manage the different image sources according the device (so any device will load the right image and not inaccurately big images)
Add a polyfill for IE and old Android
=> need more implementation details, especially canonical place for scale generation.

###Merge Products.RedirectionTool into core by Nathan
Champion: Eric
The PLIP title is self-explanatory.
Some small UI changes are needed to polish the existing add-on.
=> maybe better to re-write it ?

###React in core, deprecate backbone
Champion: Ramon
Its only removing backbone dependency. Its only beeing used the view and router modules from backbone. Router is not fully implemented, so cleaning. The view only affects structure widget (and registry, thememapper and filemanager). We already have react on the registry. More powerfull light maintained framework.

###New modal implementation
Champion: Ramon
Its a work in progress

###Registry Improvements
PLIP from Nathan:
Champion: Jens
=> not enough votes for now

###New image widget by Nathan
Champion: Johannes

###Merge collective.emailconfirmationregistration into core by Nathan
Champion: Jens

##Document the PLIP process
As suggested by Gil: Framework team meeting minutes 2016-03-29
=> For now, let’s put it in buildout.coredev. We might move it to later.

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-04-26).


For the docs:

If you put them in buildout.coredev/docs they will be on, the next time we'll make a new docs release.

Just some brainstorming: Could it be a good idea if it was possible to 'call' the scale view with 'settings' .

So, when we now do:
structure python: scale.scale('image',
scale=1mini', direction='down')

It would also be possible to do:
structure python: scale.scale('image',
scale='mini', direction='down',
retina='1', datascr='1', etc )

@espenmn sounds like a good idea - although we need still access to retina scale names for url access. More on this plip at: