Forum add-on for Plone 5.1

Crazy idea:
There is a serverless forum platform. What if we implemented enough of a GraphQL api to make it compatible with Plone?

this is not what we're expecting; even as this seems pretty interesting, we need something that works with Plone with no external components. the original idea was to go with collective.ploneboard.

what about making your idea a GSoC project? migrating content from collective.ploneboard could be an extra.

I think collective.ploneboard was a GSoC project. I can't see why further work on it wouldn't be acceptable as another GSoC project.

Ok. Is there any established method to find people from other organizations that might be interested to join in supporting the effort? Is there a process or platform that is used to announce/propose such projects and inform people about the possibility to provide support?

There's a platform called built by some Plone people. It could be used to run a campaign for the project.
Or use something like or

(I work for Wildcard, the company that made Crowdspire)

Save your money (especially if you’re a US person) and use Crowdspire, which takes 2% as a fee. Other crowdfunding services often takes a lot more of the donated money ... or use a PayPal account and set up your own donation button and share it manually or put it on a web site.

I used Crowdspire to fund Kyle Arthurs’ summer project to finish a Windows installer for Plone a bit over a year ago

Thanks for the suggestion about crowspire, I'll check into that.
Here is the big question, are any others out there, besides just us, that want back some kind of forum functions with an integrated Plone experience?
If there are any others, are there any that are interested enough to be willing to help pitch in?
Or do I just need to start saving up personally? (or just (sadly) give up on hoping anymore for Plone with the sites that need integrated fora?)
Would be great if any others interested in this functionality would post here to let me know if it is worth the time to set up such a campaign or not.

I think there is little need for a discussion forum in decent projects. In particular it will be hard to find enough sponsor for getting a reasonable amount of money for funding such a bigger project for now and for the future.

I think it would be useful and I’d like to help but realistically I don’t have much dev time to donate.

There are some small organizations I help who could use something more persistent and better organized than (ugh) Slack. I like Discourse (this forum) but it’s overkill to set up a separate instance plus website plus mailing list. One Plone site that does things would be perfect (as in “good enough”).

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I used the internal discussion system attached to simple Page-derivated FTIs with Discussion enabled by default (named Thread) at one of my customers for a very simple Forum. Ok, this is for registered Customers only (Extranet) but works very good and was just one hour configuration.

We're fine with only registered users being able to post. Do you have a posting anywhere or examples posted anywhere to see if it would work on our end? Thanks!

I think Jens uses what I described in Forum/Board extension for Plone basically Plone pages or news items or custom content types with Plone built in commenting enabled

The first version of collective.ploneboard was supposed to be nothing more than that. A "topic" content type with discussion enabled. I think it wouldn't be much effort to build something basic like this. If we have a sponsor for half a day or day of dev work I guess we could do it...I am happy to help if someone wants to tackle this...

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Found one exception:

And did a PR to fix:

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Thank you! I pushed my first version of collective.ploneboard that I created before GSOC 2014 to master. I guess this is a decent starting point with the base functionality of a board in place. I am happy to make a release if people find it useful...


I just released a first version of collective.ploneboard. Grab it while it is hot:

I think this is useful as it is already. Here is a list of features:

  • Add message board
  • Add Topic
  • Add conversation
  • Reply to a conversation
  • Add an attachment to a conversation

Though, we are clearly missing lots of details and features. If you want to help please check the issues I created here:

Feel free to give us feedback and let us know what you think! If anybody wants to sponsor additional features or further development, get in touch with us.


Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Will check it out shortly. Thanks for doing this! Pending it working, do you have a donation page?

Thanks for asking! We don't have a donation page. You can directly donate to the Plone Foundation:

The second option is to sponsor a specific enhancement or bugfix.

You can report bugs or suggest a feature on the collective.ploneboard issue tracker:

and then offer to sponsor the development.

Let us know what you think about the add-on. :slight_smile:

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Looks like has potential. Pretty straight forward, thanks!

Does need the titles for the summary headings to fit the site's language. They are showing up in German (?).
Screenshot attached.

I think I know how to handle workflows, etc. through usual Plone tools and such so that I can configure notifications, etc. So, if the headings can be fixed, I'd like to start testing this with a community site to see how it goes. Unless you think there might be security issues?

Please advise @tisto

Yeah. We have to add and fix a few translations. Please always use the github issue tracker for those kind of things.

It is hard to image that this add-on will introduce any security issues. It uses plain Dexterity content types and standard commenting.

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