Forum add-on for Plone 5.1

Since Ploneboard is not compatible with 5.x, is there a Plone Forum addon available under another name? Or is there anything built into Plone 5 that emulates all the features of a classic forum like Ploneboard? Most of our sites (about 30 of 40) used various fora, but we're unable to upgrade to Plone 5 without the smooth integration like Ploneboard or similar. Please don't suggest kludge/integrating something as big a mess as Discourse.
Appreciate helpful suggestions. Thank you.

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Stumbled across this: Forum/Board extension for Plone
Alas. While app.discussion is too little, Ploineboard was just right amount that we needed, Discourse is A: not integrated B: worst support experience ever C: terrible security issues D: far more features than we need.
Ploneboard really was "just right" between integration, security, ease of use, notification features, and simplicity. Anyone trying to make it compatible or is it abandonware? Anything else might be an option?

I suppose it would not be difficult to make Ploneboard run in Plone 5. What problems have you observed?

No, you don't want to make Ploneboard work on Plone 5 due to its age, its scary code base and its dependency of Archetypes.. Ploneboard had its time and now let it die in peace.

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The answer is plain and simple: there no decent solution for Plone 5. Ploneboard is dead. is not a suitable there is nothing and you need to deal with the integration of some external service or switch completely to an external system. That's the situation.


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sorry, but I could't resist it :wink:

Archetypes will be dead very soon, so it makes no sense to make Ploneboard Plone 5 compatible.

@merpdotcom it could be better to rewrite it from scratch in Dexterity; I have a customer asking for a forum also.

let me know if you want to paid for this and we can see what we can do.

It would depend on how much we are talking here. Yes I'm interested, though keeping in mind these are all small community sites (most of which are non-profits or non-formal-organization community sites) that I'm already donating hosting services to. I would much rather we could stay with Plone, and have Ploneboard-like functionality, than have to abandon Plone. I would also ask that it be opensourced to the public. :slight_smile:
Do you want to discuss this offline or share with the public?

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As said: Ploneboard is dead and the underlaying Archetypes is dead. You don't want to have Archetypes in a decent Plone 5.X and almost every serious Plone developer will say NO for maintaining dead code on top of a dead Archetypes framework.

Not asking for it to be Ploneboard, just the same functionality. Not as light as app.discussion, but not as heavy as things like Discourse, with the key being that it is integrated with Plone, rather than a separate item to kludge into the community. I welcome it using the newer core of Plone rather than legacy dependencies. It is just using Ploneboard as the functionality guide. The only other alternative, after using Plone since 2004, is to have to start the search all over again for an integrated secure platform that has the same functionality as the Plone 4.x features, and I REALLY, do not want to have to go through a complete platform change yet again. I've supported paying for other small feature extensions, so it really will just depend on what I can personally budget, so hopefully something can be worked out @hvlarde or similar.

Well, find a larger bag with money for paying someone...that's how it works...

we can continue discussing the features for an early release here, so more people can contribute; after that we can talk in private.

FYI @agnogueira.


Alright then, how would you like to proceed? The general guideline is: the same features/functions as Ploneboard, but works on Plone 5.x+. Should I go through the plone functionality list and iterate here to enumerate which features are "critical", "important", "nice-to-have", or "not-needed"? Or what process would you like to use to proceed? Thanks!

I have maybe a customer that can pay some days of development... I will keep you informed !


that sounds like a good starting point; we can discuss on top of that list.

@sgeulette that's awesome! that why I wanted to discuss it openly.

A good starting point for a new Ploneboard might be collective.ploneboard:

We did a Google Summer of Code project a few years ago but the student was not able to deliver a fully functional product.

For an experienced Plone developer or company it shouldn't be a problem to build and release something in a fair amount of time.

I'd love to see this to happen. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know (I am the author of p.a.discussion and I was the mentor for c.ploneboard).

We might have the basic requirements documents still laying around somewhere. If someone is interested I could try to look them up. We could try to define what we need and then see if we can chip in to build something together...


yes, please!

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Here you go:


thanks! we're are working on the next release of the Brazilian Government's Plone portal right now, but I think we can talk about this in mid September.


Second that yes please! :slight_smile:

What is the status on this? Still very interested, need Ploneboard equiv that works in Plione 5x. Thanks.