FAQ: do we have/want it?

Hi, do we have/want a FAQ-section here somewhere to collect all the quest which come up about using disourse?

There's a stock one, but we can certainly create our own.

All for it. Actually a sticky post in meta should do the job, if you think that fits, too, I'd just start one, would that be allright?


Nicely written that one! Just for better distinction, I'd see it as an info about our community-policies. To avoid confusion with the planned sticky-post-FAQ, suggesting to rename it to something like "forum policy", or similar, what ya think?

Rightyright, thanks for your feedback Eric. Closing now, as the new topic for this is in preparation (not visible in listings, for now).

Probably not necesssary, just another kind of FAQ. Is now also referenced in the preamble of FAQ - common questions about using this forum