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##How to configure email settings to use this forum like a mailinglist

###Suggested User Preferences:

You will then recieve email for all new posts as they are posted. You can mute categories in your preferences and topics on the topic page if you get too much email. You can reply to the emails.

Some categories allow you to post new topics by email as well. Look for info in the category description. This is configured for categories that are replacements for old high traffic mailing lists only. New categories will not get this option.

This topic is now invisible. It will no longer be displayed in any topic lists. The only way to access this topic is via direct link.

This topic is now visible. It will be displayed in topic lists.

Is this available now?

I have configured my email settings to get a daily digest about everything new (unless I am active in the forum - I have not been active for 5 days) - but I did not get any digest.